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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Guess who's Canadian?
It's been so long I know. No, the fact that I was no longer a mod did not turn me insane only never coming out to see the sunlight.

That's right ladies and germs! Since Tuesday, May 10 I have been officially Canadian.
"But I already thought you lived in Canada!" You don't just walk into a country like Canada and become Canadian my little hobo, you have to wait a few years before applying. I had to miss Geography and Math, which was fine by me since I hate Geography and we were supposed to go on a field trip to some place called the "Earth Rangers Park" or whatever. Since I don't know anyone in the class, what would be the point of mine going? The kids were going to be back at lunch, so my Math teacher had no worries thinking I was enjoying myself, although she was sort-of right.
I had to get up at around 7am in the morning, get dressed, eat and then head off to the place where the ceremony starts. It began at around 8:15, or at least should have but it took everyone a while to get inside the room. There were around 78 of us which was pretty good considering there were 80 seats. This of course would mean 78 new Canadians that day. The first part of the process was the lady working there (let's call her Judy) getting everyone to line up row by row to make sure that the documents and stuff was right. Lucky for me and my family, we were trapped in the last row! After those 40 mins. were killed, Judy was talking about judge Pots coming to us and singing "O Canada" as well as taking the oath which I memorized for nothing. Except the anthem, Mrs. Pots was going to say the oath for us phrase by phrase so the hoboes (like my parents) who didn't memorize could say it anyway. Then we had to come up and receive our little forms, and afterwards sign papers and get our flags, pins, and pictures with Pots.
When it was my turn to come up, Judy held my form for me. Thinking I had to take it from her, I tried grabbing it but it turned out that Pots was supposed to hand it to me! How embarassing.
My mom thought the pins were candy, and I was laughing for a while about that. I also took a flag and the Charter Rights thing, which later on my bird tried to nibble. >.<

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