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Sunday, March 5, 2006


Hello and welcome to AnimeFantasy's MyOtaku. There's really nothing much around here but my life. Although I do not update about my life to you guys that much anymore, I do come by often updating fanlistings junk and all. So I hope you enjoy visiting my site. Thank you for visiting.


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Sunday, March 5, 2006

YO EVERYONE!! Just updating to tell ya'll that today is Oanh and Yen's FIFTEENTH birthday!! THE TWO COOLEST PEOPLE ON EARTH!! (Well... my sis is one of the coolest too... haha...) BUT its their birthday!! YAY!! I still need to make a card for them... but haven't got the time... even though its SPRING BREAK. WAH. And need to get them something!! Planning to go shopping today anyways!! SO be surprise Yen and Oanh!! ^^

Well nothing much happened lately. Friday was a good day! Got my report card and it was good. It was an easy six weeks. ^^ Six subjects lowest grade was a 95. YES. And got my geometry test back and got a 92... thought I could have done better though... it was a HARD test... well not really even though it was suppose to... but I WAS hoping for an 80... haha... so I should be happy. Then later on Friday, I had a World Geography test... wasn't too bad... thought it was pretty easy. ^^ That was the end of school stuff. Well I had fun talking to my friends on AIM. HAHA. I was talking to one of my friend about cute asian guys. HAHA. It was pretty hilarious. She thinks this japanese actor... well I think an actor.. is really hot. His name is Tomohisa Yamashita. Does anyone know him?? In my opinion he looks like a girl... haha. I laughed hysterically when she gave it to me... yea... kinda cruel... but its true... She said that he looks "better" when he moves... haha. Here is a picture of him below. You could click for a bigger view.

Well on Saturday, nothing big happened. I watched Scary Movie 3 though. Even though I watched a few years ago. My parents watched it too last night. They laughed so much, you should have seen them. ^^ Oh and I joined a few more fanlistings too. And watched FMA last night. I need to catch up on Ghost in the Shell. Man... a few episodes left for FMA!! NOO. I am so gonna miss it when it is over!! And they left us a cliffhanger... great, huh?? And I got to say the art got better because Ed is actually hot now... haha. Never thought he was good looking till now. ^-* And there is only one episode left for Samurai Champloo too!! NOT COOL. Well at least I think so... BUT WAH.

Well thats all... I think it is gonna turn out to be a very long post... haha. Probably aiming for like 1 comment today, hehehe. Joy right?? Well later. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OANH AND YEN!! Ciao.

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