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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Hello and welcome to AnimeFantasy's MyOtaku. There's really nothing much around here but my life. Although I do not update about my life to you guys that much anymore, I do come by often updating fanlistings junk and all. So I hope you enjoy visiting my site. Thank you for visiting.


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Hey! WHOA!! I haven't updated for like MORE than a MONTH!!! LoL. And my twin sis has been updating... kinda strange... haha... Well I have been visiting some sites for the past month... and thats pretty good... right??

Well I have watched the fourth installment of the Harry Potter on the day it came out... yea... kinda old news?? LoL. Well I went with my twin sis Teri, my coolio twin friends Oanh and Yen, and my coolio friends Stephanie and her younger sister, Emily. Yup yup it was a really awesome movie. Unlike the third movie *cough cough* Sorry about that...

I am pretty sure most of ya'll heard about the commotion at the theater room from Teri... it was a choas!! LoL. Too long and old news to tell... sorry... x_x

The latest news: Well Yen and Oanh came over yesterday! It was so cool and fun!! We did a lot of things... I think... haha... I woke up at like 6:30 in the morning to wait for them because they had to come at 7!! ^-^ It really got me determined waking up early and lasting my day longer so that was good! And I watched all of the anime shows that I recorded from Anime Night!! Well we surfed on the net in the morning and watched a little bit of Naruto . Then we went out to eat and went to the mall!! I bought the 7TH VOLUME OF TSUBASA RC !!! Since they didn't have the 10th volume of DNAngel ... I bought it! ^-^ Yen and Oanh bought a bag of pecan... what losers... *sigh* JUST KIDDING!! Though I am not a "fan" of pecan... its still healthy to eat right?? Then after that we went home and Teri was giving little tutorials on this paint program... not photoshop... haha.... on the laptop and they were like "WHOA" every minute!! LoL. Fun to watch them. I was on the computer fixing up the html codes for my Christmas Layout... I am still working on it... I am so slow and not so good at html... Teri doesn't want to help me on my main html codes (and she is the expert in the house...) so I had to do it all by myself... I didn't know what I was doing!! I have been like working on it for like pratically 3 days each like 8-12 hours a day!!! HELP ME!! Well not really... I am almost done... Teri needs to still do some of my graphics. I am so dependable when it comes to those... *sigh* We played cards together and all... Well overall yesterday was SUPERB!!! It was very fun and funny as well!! I hope you guys can ome again on Thursday!!! ^^

Well I am on my Thanksgiving break and I have been watching like the first 12 Naruto episodes (I totally just think that Kakachi is hot! LoL. Thats one reason why I had wanted to to watch Naruto. HAHA). I need to do homework... or somewhat like my homework... and I need to "perfect" my music for region tryouts... so much to do... but too LAZY!!!

Well I think thats all that I can think of... so I'll see if I can visit anyone today... sorry if I can't... x_x Later dudes and dudettes! ^^

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