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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

   One More Day... ^^


Hello and welcome to AnimeFantasy's MyOtaku. There's really nothing much around here but my life. Although I do not update about my life to you guys that much anymore, I do come by often updating fanlistings junk and all. So I hope you enjoy visiting my site. Thank you for visiting.


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ONE MORE DAYS AND SCHOOL'S OUT FOR GOOD!!!! YAYAYAY! *throws confettis*... wait... shouldn't I be throwing confettis tomorrow... Anyways sorry for not posting for a few days... busy... or you could say its someone's fault... Well today was really fun to me! In fourth period, which is my IPC class we got to color!!! YAY! I colored with Jadd. It was fun but he was being really weird... like always... anyways then Spanish was dead boring cause I don't really ever talk to anyone in that class because its full of preps... no offense... but I found out that I got a 100 on my Spanish II final and a 98 on the Algebra final! Yay! ^^ Well we also got to skip like 25 minutes of 7th period for the 8th grade yearbook signing party! Yes! Got alot of people to sign mine and me to sign theirs! ^__^
Well there is also bad news too... my friend Julie... if anyone remembers her... but she got sad today becasue of me. ;__; This guy named Khang signed the guestbook and put "To Teri- Not Tracy" I am Tracy... and Teri is my lil twin sis... anyways I don't know him but it was still offensive to me. Then Julie was like "He probably didn't mean to say it that way." And I said that I didnt care how it was put even though I did believe that was true. Then she rolled her eyes at me... then I told her "Do not roll your eyes at me". Yes that sounded mean. But she really never cared about my problems even though its big or small. Every time she was down for a big thing or small reason I don't roll my eyes. At least I dont think I do... but doubt that. She is ALWAYS defends the guys... And then all she did throughout the whole party was laid her head down. I really did want to say sorry to her and talk to her... but knowing her she wouldn't say anything to me if I did apologize... and that it wasn't really my fault... I told my other friends about this and they all took my side which was cool. Do you think I did the right thing? Hmm... anyways I will try to visit everyone's sites! Sayonara! ^^ Thank you for listening or reading my problems. If I am annoying you, sorry! x__x

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