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Friday, May 6, 2005

   Exactly 500 hits!!!


Hello and welcome to AnimeFantasy's MyOtaku. There's really nothing much around here but my life. Although I do not update about my life to you guys that much anymore, I do come by often updating fanlistings junk and all. So I hope you enjoy visiting my site. Thank you for visiting.


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Yay. I have 500 hits now! ^^ Well today is my mom's birthday!!! YAY! ^___^ We are going to take her out to eat, if she wants.
Well today didn't go so well. My friend is mad at me because I did something wrong... and its about... boys. Well her ex asked her out again and she never responded and told him she needed to think about it. I heard from one of my friend that she said no to him yesterday. So I made fun of Stanley saying this: "Julie said no! HAHAHAHAHA!" And some other jokes. Then soon at the end of the day I figured out that she never said anything to Stanley. Well she started crying because I have no idea... I think because... no I have no idea why she cried... but I do know it was about her response... well no one tells me anything anymore, so yea... and now she is all mad at me becasue I had said something that I thought was already out. It was a misunderstanding of communitcation.... *sigh* Well today after school, I said bye to people and then i said bye to Julie and this is what she said, "I am not staying. I am not f**king staying after school." I was like what the...? I don't care if she was staying after school or not, just saying bye. HELLO!!! I said bye to Emma and I knew she wasn't staying after school and she had no problems. Something is wrong with her. I was trying to be a friend and say bye... but nooo, she didn't care, just like the other day when I was trying to get her away from Tom and she said "Ouch you're hurting me" and while Tom was like grabbing her she justs kind of struggle and laugh and smile... no thought of appreciation. No one cares about me, especially her. I try my very best to try to cheer her up and try to make her get rid of her problems... its like she would do the same. Maybe its best for me to kill myself to make her happy or something. I am so being a hypocrite because I always tell people that committing suicide is the most stupid thing you could do to yourself. I don't care if she hates me forever. I will always count her as my friend. But its okay if she hates me. Loathe me. Despise me.
Anyways I am going University of Houdton tomorrow! For Band!!! YAY! And then after that I have to practice do something that I don't want to do... *sigh* Well sorry for the long post. I will try to go to everyone's sites! ^^ Sayonara.

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