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Monday, March 28, 2005



Hello and welcome to AnimeFantasy's MyOtaku. There's really nothing much around here but my life. Although I do not update about my life to you guys that much anymore, I do come by often updating fanlistings junk and all. So I hope you enjoy visiting my site. Thank you for visiting.


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Hiya everyone! Sorry for not posting a post for a long time... well not literally for a long time... but you know... well things have been cool. I went to Astroworld yesterday with my cousins, aunts, and my twin sis. It was fun. Well I have two cousins that went with me that are in second grade... one named Thomas and the other Christopher... Thomas went with us all of the rides that we went to while Chris went like 2/3 of it. Chris cried in the Viper. Well Tom was like "I am cool" and was making fun of Chris. On the ride home he was still making fun of him. I got really tired of it. I kept on yelling at him. Well Tom's mom yelled at him and saying why don't you compete with school and be the best, then I'll be proud of you... well she didnt mean to be better that any one in the family...cause he asked his mom if she could ride those roller coasters... trying to compare with his mom. I told this to my dad. And he was like yea shes right. Well then my dad says that you should NEVER compete with your family, relatives or friends. NEVER compete with school, money, power, careers and anything else. And then I realize he is TOTALLY right. I mean I never did compete with my family and friends but I never realized that before. You should compete with just say enemies... I guess... but you know I learned something very important from my dad, and I think that it is the right thing. Okay... anyways... if you thought that was crap think what you think... now to move on.Oh did I mention the it was frikin cold yesterday? I though I would have my butt froze off! Anyways... MyO wasn't working yesterday night. And I was putting a comment on kevmart83's post! Gosh and it was a pretty long one too! GRRR! Okay anyways... for the next few posts, I am gonna put up surveys... just for fun and get to know people a little better! ^_^ Boring, huh? Okay anyways... Adoios everyone!

::_**_:: BaSiC ::_**_::
01.) name::
02.) middle name::
03.) DOB::
04.) age::
05.) location::
06.) eye color::
07.) hair color::
08.) hair length::
09.) height::
10.) shoe size::
11.) glasses or contacts::
12.) braces::
13.) single or taken::
14.) bad habits::
15.) fears::
16.) screen name::

My answers:
01.) name:: Tracy
02.) middle name:: Doang Trang
03.) DOB:: 13.13.91
04.) age:: 14
05.) location:: study room
06.) eye color:: dark brown
07.) hair color:: black
08.) hair length:: short-long
09.) height:: iono
10.) shoe size:: 6 to 8?
11.) glasses or contacts:: NONE BABY! 20/20 VISION! YEA!
12.) braces:: yepper doodles
13.) single or taken:: SINGLE!
14.) bad habits:: procrastination
15.) fears:: dying, others dying, losing friends, me not being good friend
16.) screen name:: silentgirl91

Sorry for the long post everyone! x_x

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