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Friday, June 24, 2005

   Hey Guys, we need to support Nikki ALOT, please help me, her and give her lots of luv!
Hey everyone, I need you to visit a dear friend of mine, Spitfire Babe. We need to give her plenty of simpathy, her dog Yote, had died yesterday morning. We need to give her love and simpathy because she loved her dog alot, and if you want to see what he looked like, there is a piccy on her site of what he looks like. The dog is adorable! ^^ Everytime I went to her house, he was all perky, and I dont know how he died, it was after his hip surgery I guess, but I think its from the toxins he might have ate from their backyard. Well, I hope you guys visit her site and comment! ^^

We love you Nikki, And We especially love you Yote!

*Hugs Yote Spiritually*


(Sorry for taking your post AnimeHottie22, Its late and I gtg to bed so I used yours, were good friends, and we live in the same neighboorhood, soo it should be fine! ^^)

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