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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hello Everyone! I have just visited your sites and I am now posting! ^-^ The current time is 1:30 Pm and I get to see Batman Begins this weekend! Yay! I cant wait because its gonna be such a good movie~ But I like Superman Better. ^^ I just have a little question for you all-

* What kinda and colour skirt should I buy??

I just was asking you all because I felt like buying some new cothes and for summer a Skirt would be nice. ^^ I wish I could go swimming at my friends house- Her b-day party was so much fun! There was a huge spider on the wall and so we all used her moms show so squish it, but it keps on falling into the water! ^-^ It was so funny! And this was at like 12:00 AM and we were screamin so loud that I think we woke up the neighboors! Anyhoo, I wanna go eat rite now, so I will see you all later!

*Hugs Everyone*


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