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Monday, June 6, 2005

   Six Under The Sun- Chapter 3 - Money Deal! /(Seperate from story) How My Day Went
Sanjit: *Puts soups up on the rack*

Mutasoshi: *Walks over to Sanjit* Hey Sanjit.

Sanjit: *Looks at Mutasosji and smiles* Hey, how are you?

Mutasoshi: Good, why do you use a Bazooka??

Sanjit: Well, I use a Bazooka because I was never tought well using a sword or a hand gun, so I bought a bazooka! *Smiles*

Nani: *Walks over* I am trying to teach her with my sword.

Sanjit: Thats RighT! And its working well, maybee soon, ill get enough money to ask someone to make one for me.

Mutasoshi: Wow, you two are brutal!

Nani and Sanjit: Nah, just protectin eachother!

Mutasoshi: 0.0 Wow, surround-sound....

Nani: Oh my gosh, its getting late, and hey, its the weekend now, so we get our pay checks today! Yeah, now I can buy another night in the hotel.

*They both get their pay checks*

Nani: WHAT!? This isnt enough!

Sanjit: Oh my gosh, I knew he was selfish....

Mutasoshi: Hey ummm girls, were not out of the store yet ya know.... Their are plenty of people who can tell on you two.

Sanjit: Well, I will let you two stay in my home tonight, I have an extra room in the house where my mom was going to stay, but she found a home, so you two can sleep in there tonight. And if it makes you confortale Nani, I will give Mutasoshi a seperate bed.

Mutasoshi: T_T

Nani: *Punches Him*

Mutasoshi: Owww! ^_^;

Sanjit: Come one guys, lets go back to my house now..

~*~They soon arive at Sanjit's home and get settled in, they go to bed and before they know it its morning~*~

Sanjit: *Makes Tea*

Nani: *Wakes up, walks over to Sanjit and yawns* Wow, I slept good last nite.

Mutasoshi: *Drags feet into Kitchen* Ahh man, thats kinda uncomfortable....

Sanjit: Hmmm, did it lose its fluff?

Nani: *Laughs*

Mutasoshi: Very Funny..

Sanjit: Well, how is everyone this Saturday morning!?

Nani and Mutasoshi: Good!

Sanjit: Good. Sence there is no work over the weeknd what do you guys want to do? I need to go to the shoping mall and get me some new Kimonos's wanna come?

Mutasoshi: SURE!

Nani: Sure, Maybee I will get a bew sword.

~*~ END OF CHAPTER 3 - Money Deal ~*~

I hope you liked the story! I have made up a solution, if you gus dont read Storys I will have a seperate section about my day and stuff! ^_^ So you all have something to comment on.... HERE IT GOES!

Actually it is 10:28 PM here, and I guess when you add a post at this time, it seems to be Tomorrow, so actualy here its not Monday yet, SO! Today went great! We did some house cleaning and my room is looking good so far, and my kitten Cuddles is sleeping on my made bed. ^_^ I love my kitten! Her name is cuddles, okay I can go on about her all day if I felt like it, but cats are my favorite animals! ^__^ Well, I will go play X-box live for maybee an hour or so and then go to bed, so Ii hope you all enjoy my site and have a nice day!


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