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Sunday, June 5, 2005

Six Under The Sun- Chapter 2 - Sanjit
Mutasoshi: *Yawns* Hey, im tired, are you?

Nani: Yeah, I am sortof tired.

Mutasoshi: Where will we ever sleep!

Nani: Hmm, let me think, how much money do I have, I actually have a job at the Grocery Store on the south east corner ya know, so maybe tomorrow I can scoop up some more money. Lets sleep at this hotel here. *Looks at it* Wow its huge.

~*~They soon arive at the hotel, they get their keys and walk in the room~*~

Mutasoshi: What! 2 Beds!

Nani: *Looks at Mutasoshi* 0.o

Mutasoshi: I mean, eh heh heh, Ill take the one by the window.

Nani: Okay....

Mutasoshi: *Goes to sleep*

~*~The nite goes on and it turens into Morning, 6:00 A.M.~*~

Nani: *Jumps up out of bed*

Mutasoshi: *Wakes up* What is your problem!

Nani: I am going to be late!

Mutasoshi: LATE FOR WHAT!?

Nani: *Slaps Mutasoshi* I have a job remember! *Goes into bathroom and changes*

Mutasoshi: Gosh, *Gets out of bed* Fine fine...

Nani: *Grabs muffin on the way out and grabs bag, runs for the corner store*

Mutasoshi: Hay! Wait! *Grabs 6 muffins and 1 in his mouth* WAIT! *Drops 1* Oh, noo! My Muffin!

Nani: I know your hungry but we have to go! I let you buy sumthing at the store!

~*~They soon arive at the corner store and they arrive just in time~*~

Nani: *Gives Mutasoshi 5 dollars* There, get sumthing, hurry though!

Mutasoshi: Fine Fine. *Looks for food* Mesley 5 bucks.... Ah! Sushi sounds good! *Orders Sushi and eats it* Yumm! *Sees a girl* o.o *Walks back over to Nani* Who is that girl? She looks my age! *Points to the girl*

Nani: Ahh, you mean Sanjit? Yeah, she works with me, and we fight together, but I let her use a sword becuase she fights with a bazuka! *Looks at Mutasoshi and smiles*

Mutasoshi: A... a... BAZOOKA!?

Nani: Wallks over to Sanjit. Hello Sanjit! *Smiles*

Sanjit: Hello Nani, who is your friend?

Mutasoshi: Hello, I... *Sulps* I am Mutasoshi!

Sanjit: Wow, for a man his age he shure is shy.

Nani: *Laughs*

Sanjit: *Laughs Along*

Mutasoshi: What!? Dont make fun of me!

Sanjit: *Hugs Mutasoshi* Hes pretty cute.

Nani: Theres plenty more fish in the sea, but hes 23. Your 24, maybee you guys wanna date sometime?

Sanjit: good Idea Nani.

Mutasoshi: *Smiles* Heh yeah, lets date!

End of chapter 2!

I hope you all liked it!

See-Yah all laterz now!


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