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Saturday, June 4, 2005

   More charicter profiles!
Okay, here are more charicter profiles for you! ^__^

Miya- Sex- Female; Age- 14; Height- 4 ft 12 inches; Is the cute girl thats serious, when it comes to fighting; Hair Colour- Blonde; eye colour- Blue.

Sanjit (Sangee)- Sex- Female; Age- 23; Height- 5 ft 2 inches; Hot and wild chick when fighting, always using her Bazuka; Hair Colour- Brown; Eye Colour; Green.

Nani-(Me!) Sex- Famale; Age- 16; Height- 4 ft 11 inches; Fights with sword, looks super cute when she fights!; Hair Colour- Pink; Eye Colour- Pearl White.

Masatoshi- Sex-Male; Age- 24; Height- 5 ft 9 inches; Fights using hands and feet only!; Hair Colour- Red; Eye colour- Orange.

So, these are the rest of the people! Their are tthree girls and three guys! ^__^ They travel in a group of six, always helping eachother out! Fighting like Samurai's and using Guns too! What a combo, the story shall start.... HERE!

Masatoshi: *Runs out of the Corner store* Crap!

Store Maniger: *Yells and trys to chase him* Get back here with that sushi! *Stops runing* I guess I am getting to old....

Masatoshi: *Runs for 5 more minutes then slows down* Whew, I lost him.. I should really get a Job..... *Eats Sushi* Mmmm, forget the job statement.
*Sighs* Well, what should I do with my life.... My dad as tought me well with fighting.... Should I get a job as a body guard! Yeah! Thats it! *Hears yelling* Huh, whos that?

Store Maniger: Ha! I found you! And you thought I would let you go!

Musatoshi: Oh God! I thought I lost him! *Runs*

Store Maniger: Your too fast! Ill call the police! Stop now!

Musatoshi: *Runs faster*

Store Maniger: *Slows Down* Oh god, I just cant keep up with the young ones these days.....

Musatoshi: *Looks back* Huh, yeah! I lost him! *Looks forward* Crap! *Runs into a girl and falls*

Girl: *Falls Backwards* Owwww. *Rubs head*

Musatoshi: Ah, im sorry! Here grab my hand, ill help you up. *Put out hand*

Girl: *Grabs Hand* Hey, thank you. *Smiles* Whats your name?

Musatoshi: *Stuters* Mu.. Mu... Musatoshi!

Girl: Cute name, mine is Nani. One question.

Musatoshi: Go ahead.

Nani: Why were you runing?

Musatoshi: I was runing because... Eh... Erm... I stole food.

Nani: *Pulls out swored* Hey, you may seem nice, but why were you stealing!?

Musatoshi: Eh heh heh, easy on the swored there, I stole it because, a last year I ran away from my home because my parents were trying to train me, and it worked, but I got tired and they wouldnt let me take a break. So, this is how I eat! ^^;

Nani: Okay. *Puts swored Back* I am on a mission to find my Past. *Looks up at the sky* I cant remember anything really. I hold here a sword under my fathers name, the only way I found that out is, the message on the sword, "I give you this swored Nani, to protect yourself from this day forward, Love Outo-San" And thats all.

mutashoshi: Hey, Ill make you a deal! I will help you find your past, if you help me stay away from these cops, Deal?

Nani: Okay, its a Deal! *Smiles*

So, how did you like the story!? I dont really have a name for it yet.... Wait, I got it!

Six under the sun! ^__^ Six people, under one sun. kind of dont make sense, but I gotta start sumwhere! So, part TWO of Six under the sun PART 2 comes tomorrow! I hope you all liked it!

**Hugs Everyone**


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