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Friday, March 25, 2005

Long Time!
Sorry! Been long time, I have been SO BUSY! Well nuthing much to say but we are on our way to pick up our friend Chris and we are seeing the movie, GuessWho! ^^ So I will see you all later!!


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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

   Kimberlys b-day is today!!!!

Today is Yugi1234 's 13TH Birth day!! Please visit her site and wish her a happy birth day!

(Kimberly! I actually remembered! Youre 13!!!! I didnt say 14 like in school! XD )

Well I gtg now, so see you all later!!!!


To Kimberly: Did Ryan get the Cupcake, did he like it?

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Mason, where could you be going? I am surley sad rite now. You cant be leaving.... No, and why would you leave all of your friends? I am sorry for making this a big deal but, my friend is leaving for ever. He cant though. No, he cant. 0o Hes...... leaving.

................................................... Leaving.

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   0o LOOK AT MY TEST! ^_^

What Does Your Guardian Angel Look Like::guys and girls:: by angel_drifter
Favorite Colors:
What Your Angel Looks Like:
Why Has Your Angel Been Guarding You:to help you find peace witin yourself
How Long Have You Been Guarded(years):7
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Well! Hey Everyone! ^__^ Weeeeee, my computer is being fixed! Finaly! But now, school is tomorrow. Steamboy is not in thatres everywhere so we are NOT seeing it today! I wish we did but no. Steamboy is an Anime, I dont know what it is about, sorry! ^________^ Weeeee, Smiley! He he he! Heres more things about me!

*Fav Food: Ramen!
*Fav Drink: Dr. Pepper
*Fav state: Arizona!
*Fav Nickname: Nikki
*Fav place to eat: Restraunts-Duh!
*Fav month: May

*Why you like Ramen: Its Good!
*Why Dr. Pepper, no Coke: Nope! Coke is groaty! and its tastes like.... Diet.
*Why Arizona: Cause.... ITS BEAUTIFUL! ^_______^
*Restraunts, how do you like all: I just do. Their all good. XD
*MAY! How could you like May!: Cause its the month I was born in.

There is a little bout me! Weee! He he he! Well, I better get going now! I will see you all later!

**Hugs Everyone**

I Wuv You All~


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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Weeeeeee! I get to update! Yeah! Well, my computer is still broke. I will be updating every now and then, until I get my computer fixed. I am at my Grandmas retiring home, and they have a Club House with computers that anyone can use! So I am using these. He he he! Well, I wil be going now cause there is nothing to talk about. But I am glad Steamboy came out in Theatres yesterday! I am seeing that tomorrow! ^^ Well, bye everyone!

**Hugs Everyone**


I Wuv You All!


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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

   Broken = my computer! ^_^
My computer is currently broken and I dunno what is wrong with it! I will not do any more stroys, well I am going to write more but it will be a whole new layout. If anyone needs help on their sites just PM me and I will help you! ^_^ I know I am saying Random things! ^^ Hmmmmm, well My brothers heart monitor will be taken off in two weeks! Yeah! He always scares me when he presess the button to send his readings to the Hospital, he has these Racing Heart thingys, when he is doing sumthing his heart races and he scaes me cause this is Hereditary and I could lead to serious conditions. Me and my bother are soooo close. ^_^ I would be lonley next year when he goes to High School! T_T Noooo! You dont know what could happen, ppl could bring guns to school and shoot and kill ppl. Nothing I can do, its life to go on. ^_^ I wanna hurry up with school so I can be with him in High School! Every morning we stay by our clasess and I wuv him sooo much! ^__^ I like school cause I have a bunch of looving friends who love you and care for you! And if they cant come to your house and play with you, you hget to see them at school! Well its time for me to go now, so I will see you all later! ^__^

See you all!


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Monday, March 14, 2005

   Hey Everyone!

Shelby is with her in Heavan. ^_^

Hey Everyone! Just posting! ^_^ I am doing better! Shelby (My Bunny) is being Creamated and I will see her again soon! ^_^ I will see her outer case for her Creamation Box is what I mean, but Ill keep her in my room! ^_^ I did a couple changes to my site as you can see! Well I gtg now, I pray for you all and Shelby too! ^_^

See you all later!

**Hugs Everyone**


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Saturday, March 12, 2005

   Oh No! Oh No!

**Crying In Tears Aot**


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Thursday, March 10, 2005

   Angel Wings Of 14 - Part 3
Yahiko: *Yawns* *looks at clock* OMG! I am late! *Jumps out of bed and gets dressed* Red! Red! Red! Wheres my red T-Shirt! Ah here it is! *She put it on than goes downstairs*

Yahikos Dad-Haru: Hey there Yahiko, why are you in such a rush?

Yahiko: I am late for school! Common Dad! Where are the muffins! I can't find them! *Searches on Pantry everywhere*

Haru: To your left sweety.

Yahiko: Ah! They are here! *Eats it and takes another muffin* Thank You Dady! *Runs for the Door* I Love You!

Haru: I love you too! And hey, next time chew your food firt, I am still eating too.

Yahiko: *Giggles* Okay Daddy! Bye!

Haru: *Sighs and then smiles*

Yahiko: *Yahiko arives at school in 16 minutes* Whew I made it! *Looks at watch* 7:37 I have enough time to visit with my friends, the bell rings at 8:00, I guess they just changed the schedual on me, I thought I was late this morning. Whew!

**School is soon over and as Yahiko is walking home she remembers she has to get a few grocerys for her Mom**

Yahiko: Where in the heck is rice around here !?

Store Clerk: Ahem, Miss' I am here to help you, I over heard you and the rice is right infront of you.

Yahiko: Ah! Thanks!

Store Clerk: Anytime!

Yahiko: Whew now thats over I can pay for it and go home!

**Yahiko is walking down the street and she sees and old warehouse**

Yahiko: **Sees the arehouse** Eh? I am just gonna peek in here and see if there is anything I can do, Ooh Kitty! **Smiles** Here Kitty Kitty Kitty. **walks over to the Kitten**

**As she walks over to the Kitten Someone appears out of the Warehouse, Yahiko can barely see him**

Yahiko: **Runs into another ally that connecs to it** What is that on his face and what is he doing** He has a Scar on his face! *Gasp* *A mouse runs behind Yahiko* *Screams* MICE!

Riki: *Turns fast* Hey, You There! *Walks over to where she is* Hey! You shouldnt be here! What did you see!?

Yahiko: I saw nothing! *Is Afraid*

Riki: Yes you did! *Grabs her and then punches her*

Yahiko: Ahh! Stop! I didnt see anything! I swear!

Riki: Confess or ill punch youy again!

Yahiko: Fine! Fine, I saw you, you were taking sumehthing from that man!

Riki: And now I shall kill you for what you saw! **Punches Yahiko to the wall in the back of the Ally**

Yahiko: Ahh! I msut do what I must do! ANGEL! WINGS! OF 14! **Her Wings come out**

~*~*~*~*~*~Till Next Time!~*~*~*~*~*

Hey I GTG to school now so I hope you all enjoy the story! ^^

**Hugs Everyone**


P.S.: I might post later so be sure to check my site! ^^

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

   Part 2 Of: Angel Wings of 14
Yahiko: *Wakes up slowly* *Gasp* OMG! *Screams* What are these!? I can't seem to figure out whats wrong! *Runs down stairs and runs to her mom* MOTHER!

Yahikos Mom-Kitsuki: Awwww dear, you look so beautiful! I knew you would get them this week, see I charted it on the calender! *Smiles*

Yahiko: What are these Mom!?

Yahikos Mom-Kitsuki: They are your Angel Wings of 14! *Smiles at Yahiko* Every girl in the Suzumari Clan gets their Angel Wings the month directly after your birthday! And I see you have gotten yours! *Winks*

Yahiko: Well Mom! How am I supposed to sleep with these!? Go to school!? Or Even, even, hang around VINCENT!? HOW!

Kitsuki: Woah Yahiko, it will be alrite, it will only take time, give me one minute.

Yahiko: *Sighs* Fine!

**Kitsuki comes back three minutes later with a scrap book**

Kitsuki: Yahiko now I will show you a picture and I will give you two pictures Okay? One is of Vincent, and the other is your grandfather is a one peice.

**Yahikos Mom -Kitsuki- Takes out the picture of Yahikos grandfather and shows it to her**

Yahiko: OMG! Thats horrible! X.X *Wings are soon gone* My Wings! Their Gone!

Kitsuki: Yep now, **Shows a picture of Vincent**

Yahiko: *Starts to change back* Hey Stop!

Kitsuki: *Pulls out Grandfather again** See! *Smiles* It is all about your Vrush, Vincent, when you were painting the Picture of him in your room it Triggered your feelings on this day!

Yahiko: So my Wings, do they have anything special to them?

Kitsuki: Yes, oh yes, you will need to use your wings to Help some people and Danger others.

Yahiko: So I have to Kill and Save!?

Kitsuki: Yes Yahiko, you shall Kill and Save, this is your Duty of Angel Wings of 14!

Yahiko: Wow! Yeah! So what now!?

Kitsuki: Its time for you to rest for school in the morning! *Winks*

Yahiko: Aww Okay! *Smiles* G-Nite Mom! **She hugs her mom good nite**

Kitsuki: Love you good nite Yahiko. **Smiles**

Well thats the End of chapter 2! Not very good but oh well? Did you all see the Banner ForbidenKitsuni made me? I love it! Do you? ^^ Well I GTG to school now so see you all later! I might post later so be on the look out for my post! ^^ Okay, see you all later!

**Hugs Everyone**

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