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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

^_^ I am so happy! Kimberly is sleeping over another night! Kinda funny. She has been sleeping over seince Friday! ^.^0 I have a few pictures of Naruto I want to show you all! ^_^

Here they are-

There are a few of my favorite pictures of Naruto! ^_^ These are my ersonal favorites. Well, its time for me to go to bed, I hope you like my changes! ^_~

Good-Nite Everyone!


P.S.: I am Posting at nite, but it might seem morning time to some of you! ^_^


Hey guys, just doing a tes here! ^__^
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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Well, I have been having a great time living the life I am in today! ^_^ I am such a happy kid because, my friend, Yugi1235 is over, and she is sleeping over, tommorow we will be going to swim!

I have to go now, BYE!


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Monday, May 30, 2005

   X-box Live!
Hey Guys! I got X-box Live for my birthday yesterday, and Today I bought the X-box system to play the live on! ^_^ I will be playing Need For Speed 2 on live! If you guys have live, my name is Spitfire Babe - If you guys have it, just find me on Need For Speed 2 for Live! If you guys have it, tell me your name, and I will send you a friend request! Well, I have to go now! See-you all laterz!

**Hugs Everyone**


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Sunday, May 29, 2005

I am so excited that yesterday was my b-day party and rite now I am on the coush holding my build-A-bear and I named her, Mo Mo! ^_^ I got so many things for my b-day! I am finally a teen-ager! I got 400 dollars and a Lap-Top! I am currently typing on it. Now, the computer I was using, was my moms and i will be able to update every single day of the summer! I have the biggest computer in the house. Its nice that yesterday I got to go to the mall with my friends and they just ran into the house cause they were playing basket-Ball in the dark! ^_^ I love them all so much! I feel so tired but I giot many great gifts and I love living the life im in. So, im sorry for the difficulties that I couldnt post for a while but, NOW I CAN! Yeah! Wow, im so excited, you all cant even imagine the fun im having. Okay, its time for me to go now!

Bye-Bye Everyone!


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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

   A quick test!
Not a big post just a quick lil' test! ^_^


so whats up? Nothing Really!^^

what do u want to be in life? A pet store owner, and sell kittens and puppys!

How many ppl do u love? One, his name is KERO!



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Friday, May 20, 2005

I have reaveled some shocking secrets bout my ex-friend here, I have found out that he has been doing sumthing and shouldnt have! I can not say that thing but he had writtin a post and its not nice. Here it is:

"If U are reading this Iím going to fucking hunt you down and kill u. Iím so fucking pissed I could jump 5 people and kick there asses. Iím going to kick that ass that rated my ass out. I fucking hate this world. Iím going to shoot something. I fucking going to play my bass so hard. Get in a fight tomorrow. Tell Nikki what a fucking bitch from Hell sheís to me. I didnít want to be her friend one she made up all this shit just to say no when I asked her out. I hate that is all I live for. To watch this world destroy its self. Ill be at the end of the trigger when you die. I am the Satin you hate. I am your best enemy. You know what they say. Keep your family close and enemy closer. I donít trust any one. You see people like me are not too happy with are life. Some of you are like me, you are the people I can somewhat trust. I hate you all! Fucking die! BitchesÖ.. If I ever meet that ass Ill fucking kill him."

I know I have said I wont post again, but I have to. And I knew from Day 1 that this Goth was gonna be a bad person to begin with, and im not even sure he kiled a person, as he does to animals. Yesterday he spiked his hair and it looked kinda funny cause he had it like it was all messy! And I guess its not rite for men to wear their socks up to their knees. Mason always has these KoRn shirts, who in the name of heck knows who KoRn is, when he was talking about it in a Journal one time, I thought he had said "I was having fun with corn one day" ! I laughed so hard, but its weired he has this long-sleeved undershirt and he wears it almost every-day under another shirt. Odd, I wonder if he washes it. He doesnt wear all black peoples, he wears some grey and orangey stuff too. He likes spikes and stuff, you know those things they put on the Bull Dogs to train them, well it turens out they kill the dogs, when the owner pulls them to hard, it goes into the dogs necks and Mason wants one! He actually likes them. He always wears bike chains and I dont know who would want to wear a bike chain on your wrist. Mason wants to die at 25 because youre ol by the timr youre 26! Thats what he says, and he keeps saying my mom is old. She is only 40! Not even halfway past her life. Only a few more days and the school year wil be over! Oh, and hes not coming back next year! Hes moving, but this is pretty sad that Mason gets along with NO ONE but this Andrew kid. And I know what Andrew and Mason did when they were younger.

Anyhoo, I better get going, I can talk all morning!

"Tell Nikki what a fucking bitch from Hell sheís to me."

He really hates Nikki. (Nikki AnimeCutie12)

See-Yall later!


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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   Hey Guys!
I was talking to Monster7 (His otaku name) and he said I made him mad, who nows why, but then guess what he did!? Blocked Me! I think I made him mad cause his sister was fighting him and I had a Skate theme, he hates Skaters so much! But everyone else thinks Skater Chicks are awesome. Well, monster7 think ppl should die at like 30 because you get old by 31! He wants to peirce every posible part in his body, and he wants a mohawk! (Kinda Scary if ya ask me) Anyhoo! I wont be back on for a while guys! Im sorry, we have to finish up school for the rest of this week and next week with Finals, I need to study hard and Hope I dont flunk it. ^^; So, I also have to get ready for my b-day party on the 28th of May! ^^ Im so excited! The current time is 6:24 AM and I need to eat breakfast now! ^_^ Yummy! I wonder what I should eat! Well, I will be back on May 28th! So, I hope you all have fun and I love you all!

Messages to a few people,

Omaga- Hey there! *Hugs Him* Hope to see ya soon! ^_~

Akayo Kanachi- Hey There! Youre a good friend! ^^

Destinyssweetman- You are a great friend/bro!

Steptousai- I love your posts! Keep em' coming!

Its time for me to go now but fopr the people I missed,


^^ So, I hope you all like my site and I will be back on the 28th!

See-You all later!


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Friday, May 13, 2005

1.one word to describe urself right now?

2.two words you want to say to your loved
one/your crush/significant other
[Love Yous!]

3. name 8 of your closest friends
[Lisa, kimberly, Chris, Ryan, Ryan, Akayo, Vincent and Miranda!]

4. what's your favorite number?

5. what was the first thing you did after waking

6. last number of your phone number?

7.who was the first person that came to your mind
as you woke up this morning?
[To tell you the Truth, my friend Omaga.]

8. who was the last person to make you feel kilig?

9. what song is on your mind right now?

10. what was the last thing you wrote on a straight

11. whom do you want to call on your cellphone?

12. what's your favorite time of day?

13. what color do you like?
[black, blue, green, red and white]

14. last song that you sang:
[im a barbie girl.... ^_^]

15. do you like to sing?

16. have you ever been to the moon?
[duh..nope what a stupid question.. ^_^]

17. what was the last song that you danced to?
[dont know.. forgot]

18. favorite song:
[have lots of fav. songs..]

19. last person you e-mailed.

20. have you worn/are you wearing braces [teeth]
[no.. i have perfect teeth.. ^_^]

21. how often do you buy load for your phone?
[every week or every 2 weeks..
depends.. on how important]

24. who's the last person in your phonebook?

25. if you were given a chance to visit another
country what would it be?

26. name the person that you want to fall for you
at this moment
[Well is got lots]

27. msg to the person u love


See-you all laters!


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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tomorrow is my friends birthday party, and its also a swiming one too! But I cant swim, I cant get my splint wet. ^^; Anyhoo! My friend Lisa's birthday is on May 19th! I have to go get dressed and my mom will need to fix my hair to be pretty this morning for school cause I will hit my self in the head with the splint if I try. ^^; Wow, I cant do alot of things without hitting myself in the head! ANYHOO! I will some-time say this week that I wont be able to gon prolly till the other computer is fixed, or I can go off and on like once a week or less cause I guess this computer is slowing down! Nooo! And My mom has her saved files on it so if I make one wqrong move, 4 years of millions of dollars will be lost. We own 3 buisnesses and its all on this computer!

Seince I brang up the buisinesses' (Sorry for spelling! X3 ) I hate when peop[le at school always call me "Rich". I guess I do have a ncie car and we do own a hummer, maybee a few other colectable cars but, I guess we are a tad bit Rich. My car is a Blue and White 1968 Z-28. Well, also a Yellow Hummer 2 for when we need to get some-where with a bundle of friends! Like Last-Year we went to build a bear fro my birthday and we had a bunch of kids!

Sorry its time for me to go.



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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

   I have a boo boo!
^_^ Well I had a Skate-Boarding accident todays! My arm kinda hurts, I gots pain meds to help it! ^^; I'm going to be now, Its 10:50 PM! We got back from the doctors at 9:30, I got a Starbucks! Yummy! ^_^ Cafe' Mochas are so delicious! Well, Nothing Major happend, all it is, is a Sprained wrist and I gots a Splint to hold it together. I hurt it by rolling in our backyard on my little tummy, and my hand got caught under the wheel so when I went the wheel ran over my hand. It was hurting really bad! I cant do anything without hitting myself with it. Its soo big! And Hard too! ^^; I dont know what to do when I get back to school Thursday! Well, I think im going to bed now, im really tired!

I will see you all laterz!


P.S.: Peoples dont worrie, ill be okay! ^_^

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