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Saturday, July 2, 2005

Okay, well for the past few days, I know I havent been updating at all, nor have my friends, because we were having fun! And some times Spitfire has been busy! But, Spitfire Babe is supposed to come over today, she is currenly out.... But I hope she comes back soon! XD I am B.O.R.E.D. but my kitty is next to me and she is cleaning herself, thats cute. =^_^= Well, I have nothing much else to say so I will see you all l8terz!



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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I am Uber tired, I am on the phone with AnimeHottie22 rite now! ^^ Were just talking about pool partys and tuff.... Kinda annoying! Man, .... Im only kidding. ^^ Playing around with my buddy! Sooo I have nothing to say really, but spitfire babe is coping well about the loss of her doggy and she thanks you all for commenting on her post~ I also appreciate for what you guys have done, its not easy losing a pet that loyal. But I gotta go now, bed time! ^_^ So, me luv you all lots!



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Friday, June 24, 2005

   Hey Guys, we need to support Nikki ALOT, please help me, her and give her lots of luv!
Hey everyone, I need you to visit a dear friend of mine, Spitfire Babe. We need to give her plenty of simpathy, her dog Yote, had died yesterday morning. We need to give her love and simpathy because she loved her dog alot, and if you want to see what he looked like, there is a piccy on her site of what he looks like. The dog is adorable! ^^ Everytime I went to her house, he was all perky, and I dont know how he died, it was after his hip surgery I guess, but I think its from the toxins he might have ate from their backyard. Well, I hope you guys visit her site and comment! ^^

We love you Nikki, And We especially love you Yote!

*Hugs Yote Spiritually*


(Sorry for taking your post AnimeHottie22, Its late and I gtg to bed so I used yours, were good friends, and we live in the same neighboorhood, soo it should be fine! ^^)

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hello Everyone! I have just visited your sites and I am now posting! ^-^ The current time is 1:30 Pm and I get to see Batman Begins this weekend! Yay! I cant wait because its gonna be such a good movie~ But I like Superman Better. ^^ I just have a little question for you all-

* What kinda and colour skirt should I buy??

I just was asking you all because I felt like buying some new cothes and for summer a Skirt would be nice. ^^ I wish I could go swimming at my friends house- Her b-day party was so much fun! There was a huge spider on the wall and so we all used her moms show so squish it, but it keps on falling into the water! ^-^ It was so funny! And this was at like 12:00 AM and we were screamin so loud that I think we woke up the neighboors! Anyhoo, I wanna go eat rite now, so I will see you all later!

*Hugs Everyone*


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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

   Hey Guys!
Sorry, no story today! I am sorry about yesterday, I diddnt get to your sites! I was soo busy! My German Chepard Yote has a hip roblem, an I thought they were going to put him to sleep, but their doing surgery on him Today! So, he will be back soon! Yay! ^_^ I cant wait. I changed my site's theme a whole lot! I have to go now but i will do my best to get to e veryones sites today! ^_^

**Hugs Everyone**


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Monday, June 6, 2005

   Six Under The Sun- Chapter 3 - Money Deal! /(Seperate from story) How My Day Went
Sanjit: *Puts soups up on the rack*

Mutasoshi: *Walks over to Sanjit* Hey Sanjit.

Sanjit: *Looks at Mutasosji and smiles* Hey, how are you?

Mutasoshi: Good, why do you use a Bazooka??

Sanjit: Well, I use a Bazooka because I was never tought well using a sword or a hand gun, so I bought a bazooka! *Smiles*

Nani: *Walks over* I am trying to teach her with my sword.

Sanjit: Thats RighT! And its working well, maybee soon, ill get enough money to ask someone to make one for me.

Mutasoshi: Wow, you two are brutal!

Nani and Sanjit: Nah, just protectin eachother!

Mutasoshi: 0.0 Wow, surround-sound....

Nani: Oh my gosh, its getting late, and hey, its the weekend now, so we get our pay checks today! Yeah, now I can buy another night in the hotel.

*They both get their pay checks*

Nani: WHAT!? This isnt enough!

Sanjit: Oh my gosh, I knew he was selfish....

Mutasoshi: Hey ummm girls, were not out of the store yet ya know.... Their are plenty of people who can tell on you two.

Sanjit: Well, I will let you two stay in my home tonight, I have an extra room in the house where my mom was going to stay, but she found a home, so you two can sleep in there tonight. And if it makes you confortale Nani, I will give Mutasoshi a seperate bed.

Mutasoshi: T_T

Nani: *Punches Him*

Mutasoshi: Owww! ^_^;

Sanjit: Come one guys, lets go back to my house now..

~*~They soon arive at Sanjit's home and get settled in, they go to bed and before they know it its morning~*~

Sanjit: *Makes Tea*

Nani: *Wakes up, walks over to Sanjit and yawns* Wow, I slept good last nite.

Mutasoshi: *Drags feet into Kitchen* Ahh man, thats kinda uncomfortable....

Sanjit: Hmmm, did it lose its fluff?

Nani: *Laughs*

Mutasoshi: Very Funny..

Sanjit: Well, how is everyone this Saturday morning!?

Nani and Mutasoshi: Good!

Sanjit: Good. Sence there is no work over the weeknd what do you guys want to do? I need to go to the shoping mall and get me some new Kimonos's wanna come?

Mutasoshi: SURE!

Nani: Sure, Maybee I will get a bew sword.

~*~ END OF CHAPTER 3 - Money Deal ~*~

I hope you liked the story! I have made up a solution, if you gus dont read Storys I will have a seperate section about my day and stuff! ^_^ So you all have something to comment on.... HERE IT GOES!

Actually it is 10:28 PM here, and I guess when you add a post at this time, it seems to be Tomorrow, so actualy here its not Monday yet, SO! Today went great! We did some house cleaning and my room is looking good so far, and my kitten Cuddles is sleeping on my made bed. ^_^ I love my kitten! Her name is cuddles, okay I can go on about her all day if I felt like it, but cats are my favorite animals! ^__^ Well, I will go play X-box live for maybee an hour or so and then go to bed, so Ii hope you all enjoy my site and have a nice day!


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Sunday, June 5, 2005

Six Under The Sun- Chapter 2 - Sanjit
Mutasoshi: *Yawns* Hey, im tired, are you?

Nani: Yeah, I am sortof tired.

Mutasoshi: Where will we ever sleep!

Nani: Hmm, let me think, how much money do I have, I actually have a job at the Grocery Store on the south east corner ya know, so maybe tomorrow I can scoop up some more money. Lets sleep at this hotel here. *Looks at it* Wow its huge.

~*~They soon arive at the hotel, they get their keys and walk in the room~*~

Mutasoshi: What! 2 Beds!

Nani: *Looks at Mutasoshi* 0.o

Mutasoshi: I mean, eh heh heh, Ill take the one by the window.

Nani: Okay....

Mutasoshi: *Goes to sleep*

~*~The nite goes on and it turens into Morning, 6:00 A.M.~*~

Nani: *Jumps up out of bed*

Mutasoshi: *Wakes up* What is your problem!

Nani: I am going to be late!

Mutasoshi: LATE FOR WHAT!?

Nani: *Slaps Mutasoshi* I have a job remember! *Goes into bathroom and changes*

Mutasoshi: Gosh, *Gets out of bed* Fine fine...

Nani: *Grabs muffin on the way out and grabs bag, runs for the corner store*

Mutasoshi: Hay! Wait! *Grabs 6 muffins and 1 in his mouth* WAIT! *Drops 1* Oh, noo! My Muffin!

Nani: I know your hungry but we have to go! I let you buy sumthing at the store!

~*~They soon arive at the corner store and they arrive just in time~*~

Nani: *Gives Mutasoshi 5 dollars* There, get sumthing, hurry though!

Mutasoshi: Fine Fine. *Looks for food* Mesley 5 bucks.... Ah! Sushi sounds good! *Orders Sushi and eats it* Yumm! *Sees a girl* o.o *Walks back over to Nani* Who is that girl? She looks my age! *Points to the girl*

Nani: Ahh, you mean Sanjit? Yeah, she works with me, and we fight together, but I let her use a sword becuase she fights with a bazuka! *Looks at Mutasoshi and smiles*

Mutasoshi: A... a... BAZOOKA!?

Nani: Wallks over to Sanjit. Hello Sanjit! *Smiles*

Sanjit: Hello Nani, who is your friend?

Mutasoshi: Hello, I... *Sulps* I am Mutasoshi!

Sanjit: Wow, for a man his age he shure is shy.

Nani: *Laughs*

Sanjit: *Laughs Along*

Mutasoshi: What!? Dont make fun of me!

Sanjit: *Hugs Mutasoshi* Hes pretty cute.

Nani: Theres plenty more fish in the sea, but hes 23. Your 24, maybee you guys wanna date sometime?

Sanjit: good Idea Nani.

Mutasoshi: *Smiles* Heh yeah, lets date!

End of chapter 2!

I hope you all liked it!

See-Yah all laterz now!


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Saturday, June 4, 2005

   More charicter profiles!
Okay, here are more charicter profiles for you! ^__^

Miya- Sex- Female; Age- 14; Height- 4 ft 12 inches; Is the cute girl thats serious, when it comes to fighting; Hair Colour- Blonde; eye colour- Blue.

Sanjit (Sangee)- Sex- Female; Age- 23; Height- 5 ft 2 inches; Hot and wild chick when fighting, always using her Bazuka; Hair Colour- Brown; Eye Colour; Green.

Nani-(Me!) Sex- Famale; Age- 16; Height- 4 ft 11 inches; Fights with sword, looks super cute when she fights!; Hair Colour- Pink; Eye Colour- Pearl White.

Masatoshi- Sex-Male; Age- 24; Height- 5 ft 9 inches; Fights using hands and feet only!; Hair Colour- Red; Eye colour- Orange.

So, these are the rest of the people! Their are tthree girls and three guys! ^__^ They travel in a group of six, always helping eachother out! Fighting like Samurai's and using Guns too! What a combo, the story shall start.... HERE!

Masatoshi: *Runs out of the Corner store* Crap!

Store Maniger: *Yells and trys to chase him* Get back here with that sushi! *Stops runing* I guess I am getting to old....

Masatoshi: *Runs for 5 more minutes then slows down* Whew, I lost him.. I should really get a Job..... *Eats Sushi* Mmmm, forget the job statement.
*Sighs* Well, what should I do with my life.... My dad as tought me well with fighting.... Should I get a job as a body guard! Yeah! Thats it! *Hears yelling* Huh, whos that?

Store Maniger: Ha! I found you! And you thought I would let you go!

Musatoshi: Oh God! I thought I lost him! *Runs*

Store Maniger: Your too fast! Ill call the police! Stop now!

Musatoshi: *Runs faster*

Store Maniger: *Slows Down* Oh god, I just cant keep up with the young ones these days.....

Musatoshi: *Looks back* Huh, yeah! I lost him! *Looks forward* Crap! *Runs into a girl and falls*

Girl: *Falls Backwards* Owwww. *Rubs head*

Musatoshi: Ah, im sorry! Here grab my hand, ill help you up. *Put out hand*

Girl: *Grabs Hand* Hey, thank you. *Smiles* Whats your name?

Musatoshi: *Stuters* Mu.. Mu... Musatoshi!

Girl: Cute name, mine is Nani. One question.

Musatoshi: Go ahead.

Nani: Why were you runing?

Musatoshi: I was runing because... Eh... Erm... I stole food.

Nani: *Pulls out swored* Hey, you may seem nice, but why were you stealing!?

Musatoshi: Eh heh heh, easy on the swored there, I stole it because, a last year I ran away from my home because my parents were trying to train me, and it worked, but I got tired and they wouldnt let me take a break. So, this is how I eat! ^^;

Nani: Okay. *Puts swored Back* I am on a mission to find my Past. *Looks up at the sky* I cant remember anything really. I hold here a sword under my fathers name, the only way I found that out is, the message on the sword, "I give you this swored Nani, to protect yourself from this day forward, Love Outo-San" And thats all.

mutashoshi: Hey, Ill make you a deal! I will help you find your past, if you help me stay away from these cops, Deal?

Nani: Okay, its a Deal! *Smiles*

So, how did you like the story!? I dont really have a name for it yet.... Wait, I got it!

Six under the sun! ^__^ Six people, under one sun. kind of dont make sense, but I gotta start sumwhere! So, part TWO of Six under the sun PART 2 comes tomorrow! I hope you all liked it!

**Hugs Everyone**


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Friday, June 3, 2005

I am gonna try to make a story oki peoples!? Here are the Main Charicters!

Kero: Sex- Male; Age- 16; Womanizer; 5 ft 6 inches tall; Loves girls, fights them, but wont ever KILL them!

Muyo: Sex- Male; Age-18; Sniper; 5 ft 8 inches tall; Snipes anyone one, and lets NO ONE touch his sniper!

Hey, I spent so much time on live, I didnt finish this, so I will be going to sleep now, see you all later!

**Hugs Everyone**


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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   Kero ;3
Hey Kero, why are you still on the subject, I will forgive you. I know you blew your top yesterday, and so did I! ^_^ But, I will always forgive you! Dont be so hard on yoursef, okay? You know I still love you, and I always will! ^__^

Sorry guys, had to make the post to Omaga! So kero, I love you and no one will take that away from me. Hey, come over again this week, we will play game and watch T.V. together just ask Kyle to come over and TaDa!

See-Yah guys, I gotta go now!

Love ya Kero!



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