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Saturday, November 14, 2009

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Hey everyone! Well, everyone who still checks myO every once in a while. I'm updating for the first time in a long while. A miracle, right? Lol. Well, here's what's happened to me!

Okay, so, I guess I'll start with school. This year is going really well. Already one quarter into it! (wow, that was quick, three months goes by quickly XD) My classes are oaky, except I don't have like any of my friends in any of them. Lol. This is my schedule, with grades

French I - A
U.S. History - C-
English - B-
Algebra - B
Speech - Uhh...
Study Hall - N/A
Creative Writing - C
Chemistry - C-

Yeah, I think y'all can guess the Speech grade. Me and public speaking don't mix! I hate talking to large groups of people! I just can't do it! Ugh -__- Anyway. French is fun, I think I have a natural affinity for it (since it's the only class I have an A in XD). I tihnk that taking Spanish helped develop the correct muscles for pronounciation. Apparently you use muscles in your mouth to pronounce things in French that the English language does not use to pronounce. And yes, pronounciation is part of our grade. So I'm happy. And my friend Bree has French as well, so we can meet up in Mlle. (Miss) Thomas' room to talk and get help from each other. It's so fun! I also made new friends in Creative Writing. Alysse (Ah-leese), Kayla, and Brooke. They're all seniors, and I'm a junior, I love being loved XD

What else is there? Well, there is the love front. I guess it's okay to come out with this. I might as well, it'll make things easier. I'm bisexual. If you have a problem with that, go away, and don't talk to me. Because if you have a problem with it, you're no friend of mine. I'm still me, just I like different things. Anyway! There's this girl in my English class who I like. Her name's Charlotte. She's really nice,a nd cute too. And she says hi to me in the hallway. Though i can't really tell if she's saying it truthfully, like she's actually happy to see me, or if it's just out of pity. But she's still sweet and cute. She's a German exchange student. This si going to sound weird, but, in Hitler's eyes she's the perfect German. Blonde hair and blue eyes. She has ana ccent too. It's kinda hard to understand her at times, but she's jsust so, I don't know how to say it. But she's so something XD She's kidna random too, I remember once she was excited and started shouting something along the lines of "I got an A on my test!" in German XD (I had ask my friend Kyle what she was saying becaus eI only knopwhow to greet and insult people in German XD)

There's alos this guy I like. His name Michael. He sits two seats in front of me in French class. He's a freshman. Yeah I know, it's kinda weird liking a guy two years younger than me, but he doesn't look or act like a freshman at all! He's around my height (keep in mind I'm like five foot nine, give or take an inch or two), and his voice is like deeper than mine! I'm not even kidding, I feel weird talkign after him! Cause compared to him I sound like some whiny little sixth grader! (if you are a sixth grader: One, you shouldn't be here ebcause the rules state you need to be 13 to have an account here, and Two, you know you're whiny, so you can't deny it). Il est très mignon! (translation: "He is so cute!") It's so annoying! (On a related note, I think I have a penchant for blond(e)s. Both Michael and Charlotte are blond(e), not to mention like the last three people I've liked were blond(e). Anyway! He's a swimmer, et est sacrément qu'un joli corps! (translation: "and damn is that a nice body!")(Sorry about the French. My teacher is going to be teaching us to type papers in French soon, so I'm trying to get a little ahead of the class). He's jsut so damn cute I can't stand it sometimes! It's also this same reason I once said "I wish Amanda wasn't hear so much. She keeps getting in the way." (Amanda is the girl who sits between me and him). I felt horrible but it was true XD

That's enough about love for now! Do I have anythign else to say? Hmm, oh, yes! The wallpaper I'm using right now was made by me! It's the best one I've made in opinion. Though overall mine still suck XD It's calle d"Shattered Tomorrow." I got the main background from my friend Ariel on myspace,a nd the kid is jsut some random picture I found on photobucket. I edited it myself, which is why it isn't all that great lol. I'm not that great at vectoring yet. Well, the explination comes from a stereotype of mine. Everytime in like a movie, or a show or something, if a character looks at the sky, it means they are "looking towards the future" or something to the same affect. Well, the picture was taken before a storm so it was kind of gllomy. And the kid looked kind of sad, so I used that. I made his face kinda transparent so you could see through it. And then I used a Broken Glass pattern on it. That is where the "Shattered" portion of the title comes from, and th e"Tomorrow" comes from the looking to she sky for tomorrow steretype. That's all I got I guess. Well then...

Au revoir mes amis! (translation: "Good-bye my friends!")


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