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Hi Hi Anime Lovers!!!!! Wazupay!!Anime Weirdo here!Please feel free to comment on any of my posts or pm me!I hope to one day make my own Anime 2 show on TV or maybe I can start off as a voice actor T_T (not!).Tell me wat u guyz think! ;) SIGN MY GUESTBOOK PLEASE!!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hewo!!!It's been kinda hectic for me since high school started a few weeks bak.I joined the Anime club(DUH!!),the bowling club,the poke`mon club, the asian club,and the guitar club.Pretty hectic. My freinds r getting darker,my teachers are cussing,and all hell is breaking loose at our school!!We had about four fights today,and they said that if another one had broken out,we would have been able to go home,but nooo,everyone gets all nice after lunch!!Since we have an early out tomorrow,me,and some of my old classmates from my old school Stonecreek are planning to drop and see our teachers we so dearly 'miss'. About the only cool thing,besides the anime club,is that i hardly hav ne homework,so its awsome.
Ladies and Gentlemen...we have lost an anime fan. My filipino friend Gregorio has lost his anime heart.He thinks its gay and is selling or burning all his stuff.*wipes tear* How sad....

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sorry,^^' I got that from an article i read in school.Well,high school isn't as bad as i thot,but its still not without its bad sidz,like my chorus class i cant get out of.Its sooooo boring,and we hardly even sing.And all the things shez teacing us r things i already know.five years in chorus,hello? I cant get out of it eithr, it friggen blows.I need a science class or i'll have to take in summer school,or history. Either way,i have too many electives,and not enough core classes.-.-
..........I gave my heart to someone a long time ago,and you know what he did with it?He took it, loved it,then ripped apart into shreads,leaving me with nothing left.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The school year came and but me in the ass...
Gad i hate high school.Well not really the high school itself,more like the drama and the walk home.All my friends hav split up,and i'm left on my own,trying to find out who and which people or group to hang out with.All my friends want me to b wit em,i want to g wit all my friends,but my friends' friends don't know each other so everyone's all split up.I don't even see my closest friends at lunch! It suckz,and i know it sounds corny,but my heart hurts so much.And the people I managed to get close to got pushed away so easily.But i know the graduating class of 2011 will always b close.Hell i know most of the freshmen anyway.And,well...nevermind.
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

   The school year is coming! The school year is coming!!
*sigh* 8 days left till the students of BKFD go bak to school.For the ex-jr.Highers,hell.My sister and a bunch of my Sophomore,Junior,and Senior friends made it very clear to me that those of the higher grade seem to despise us.I don't really understand how,seeing as they were in the same postions as we will be a few years ago. But then again,we also look down on the younger ones as inferior.But I intend to protect my friends.I hav many friends that i am more than close to,and i won't let them get them beat up like ragdolls by some stupid jr.'s or sr's who can't control themselves.Unless of course they dserve,i'll jus laugh in their face.But if i can do something about it,I will.But i hav a feeling, that school life for the BKFD freshman of Kern County are about to get a whole lot more interesting....
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

   RELATIVES!!!!!London bridge is falling down(what!)
Wow...I havent posted in a hellova long time! Anyway,my cousins from London came on...I think it was Monday?And they were friggen AWESOME!!! Oh My GOD!U don't even know!!They're Filipino(like me ^^) and they have that awsome biritish accent and its so cool!They left my house today 2 go 2 my other cousin's house somewhere by Six flags an if im lucky,i get to go to her b-day party.My girl cousin,Cristine aka Tin-Tin,she's my age and her b-day is on sunday.She's cool,and she types so fast,you cant even track where the conversation is going.Her accent is pretty strong. Her brother Carl,taken from uncle Carlito, is 17,turning 18 on October 30th,a day after my sister.His accent is REALLY strong,and he is as muscley as a body builder.He's pretty shy wen it comes to girls.We took them to the mall to look around,and I found out that Cristine likes black guys!!Whoa!And Carl was pretty kept to himself and timid.They told us that there r loads of filipinos and black people over there in London that we'd b surprised.Cristine also told me that if someone says 'negro'(no offense to those who do take offense) over there,they will shoot you.And here,they were suprised by our american black people.At the mall,there's this booth were you can get your shoes cleaned,and this black dude comes out of nowhere and walks up to carl an doz the usual 'wassup' handshake,and they didn't have this bak in London,so he had no clue what to do.He jus did random things to try and work it out,lukily the handshake was short. Wen we 'walked' (meaning hauled ass) we let go of the breath we were all holding in and thanking God.^^' They also say that the wheather in London is really random,like it rains one part of the day,then its hot the next,then it snows,or something like that.They also say 'U bloody prick' 'bum' 'mum' adn all that.Its cool!!!!
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