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Friday, May 26, 2006


Time: 1:35, May 26, 2006
Mood: Sleepy/Lazy....
Currently: Trying to amuse myself at home (but failing miserably...)

Hi Everyone!! Hope you've been great! I, well... sort of have! My cousins from the Philippines (and my auntie and uncle) Visited here! I HAVEN'T SEEN THEM IN 5 YEARS!!! They stayed in my room and the guestroom... while I had to sleep on the ground.. but all was great! We had a lot of fun!! lol. They left a week ago. Hope I see them again in the next 5 years or so.

I'm sad, and happy about school almost being over and all.... but my good new friend named Thomas came here from Oregon as a new student, will be moving back to Oregon in a week!!!!!! And my other good friend named Krista will move to California (i don't know where) will leave at the end of the school year... She's been at my school since kindergarten! NOO! That really makes me sad..... for both of them... oh well.... but anyway... the brighter side of the story: I have 13 more school days total left!! YAY! Can't wait for summer vacation... But if you count the last day of school being a half day and the day before school's out as a fun day then I only have 11 1/2 more school days left!!!! YAY!!!!

Don't worry!! I will update here in there just until my computer gets transfered into here! (I dont have a connection in my room) Til' then you just have to wait a while longer sorry!!!! But I do promise that once my computer is up and running then, I will be more active on MyO!!

Just have to wait!

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~ ^_^ ~

Here's a pic!!: I just finished watching the Full Moon Wo Sagashite anime series, and I couldn't help but cry!!! Well here you go..

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