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Thursday, April 15, 2004


Hi!<(^.^)> I hope u like the animations I downloaded.<("^.^)> Okay I'm Filipino but I live in the US. I don't like to eat eggplant but I enjoy eating lechon(PIG). I can talk english but I can sort of speak tagalog(FILIPINO). I like playin basketball but I'm really good at soccer.(>^.^)> now that u kno a little more about me I'm going to the kitchen.
Anime Milk

You're a Badass Chibi, you clever little devil!
You're not always seen as a brat by everyone
else, because you're always finding ways to get
out of trouble (mainly by blaming it on someone
else). Usually, you can talk your way out of
anything, but sometimes the person yelling at
you for something sees through it and attepmts
to punish you, however, they've got no luck
catching you, you always find a way to escape.
Even though you are the number one main cause
of trouble, who knows, you may show a soft side
at random times and save that pathetic whiny
kid. More often you're seen with the Pyschotic
or "Innocent" Chibi.

What kind of Chibi are you?
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theOtaku.com: What Happy Lesson Teacher-Mother Are You?
Anime. ^_^ You love anime.. a lot, to the point of
letting it define who and what you are. This
could be a bit unhealthy but hey, who cares?
Anime is awesome. Admit it, you sometimes wish
you were in your own anime series. You most
likely try to attend every anime convention
your budget will allow and take pictures off
all the cosplayers. You are probably even a fan

What influences your style? (Anime pictures)
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Your Anime Show by America_Mamushi
Your Name
Show NameLove
...Fighter Supreme
How many episodes will it last103
Your Characters Hair ColorLight Blue
Show TypeA show about children with magical powers
Is it any good?Best Anime EVER!
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