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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

   Sick (again)

Time: 9:45
Date: April 11, 2006
Mood: sIcK >=P

I'm sick again and that just stinks!! I want to hang out with my friends right now and I have to admit.... I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL! (There must be something wrong with me!) It's been forever since I've been there!! But the good news is is that I don't have to talk because I'm typing! (my throat's hurting!)

I'm extremely bored... and i get even more sad when each day my friends call me and ask if I'm okay, and they always want to know if I'm going to be at school the next day.... but I always answer a simple i dunno. I'M REALLY SAD!!! I MISS MY FRIENDS!! I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!! omg.... i've admitted it, AGAIN I've GOT to get ahold of myself!

I'm here... still bored.... reeeeeaaaaaallly upset.... and i want to DO something!

Hope your day was better than mine! ^_^ i mean, =(

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~

Here's two DNAngel episodes. They're both the first episode but one is in Japanese and the other is the English dubbed one!

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