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Monday, April 10, 2006


HI! Sorry about not updating!! I've been busy lately... i just had a science fair at school so yea....

The bad news, i'm sick! I got the flu and i dont want it!!! and on Friday a lot happened at my school and i missed it! A kid in my grade got suspended and my class felt like they just played the entire day! How've your lives been?

anywho...i'm talking to Angela (one cute love) on the phone right now cuz she's sick too! I hope we get well soon!!!! My fever is really high too and i cant stop coughing!! (My head hurts) i'm on Gaia right now doing stuffs.

The sad thing about staying home alone sick (alone besides my grandmother that is) is that there is never anything good to watch on TV on weekday mornings!!! That just sucks! Great thing is is that we won our volleyball game! Our last volleyball game to be exact!! By I'm sad cuz i didnt get to play in it! Just cuz i'm sick!!! it's no fair!!!! And i had to miss church yesterday too because i'm "contagious"!

So there ya have it! if i'm absent again tomorrow then i'll post again!!!!

~ Mi-chan ~ ttyl ~ ^_^ ~

only one pic today sorry!

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