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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Time/Date: 3:51, December 31,2005
Mood: Tired...*yawns*
Obsessing over: writing
Currently: Typing my hands away.

Hey Everyone!! How've you been? Have you missed me? *silence* (guess not) Well Anywho, I'd like to say Happy Nearly New Year and Happy Birthday to my friend Oli!!!!!! YAY!! It's almost the year 2006!!!! AND MY INTERNET IN MY ROOM FINALLLY WORKS!!!

Well.. I'm tired because the other day I couldn't fall asleep and well i didnt sleep AT ALL! I heard my parents walking into my room to see if i was sleeping (protective parents) So i pretended to sleep and then when i finally heard the garage close I jusmped out of bed in the middle of the morning! I did nothing at all but sit there... Sleepless.... And well I didnt sleep for a full 39 hours straight! Soo yea I'm tired....

Now that my computer in my room's internet works my older brother comes and goes on it EVERYDAY!!! So i tell him to use the other computer and he tells me why I shouldnt go to the other comp! And I'm like THIS IS MY ROOOOM!!

Well.. today for new year's I'm going to Jeannie's (pandalover1217) house. So I g2g.. BYE!!

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~ ^_^ ~

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