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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Time: 1:44 PM, December 17, 2005
Mood: bored.....-_-;;
Doing: Eating Ramen
Craving: CHOCOLATE! @_@

Hi everyone!!! How are you? well i think its great that my brother went out two days in a row!!! ^_^ Now i can post!!!! YIPPEE! on the other hand....my internet on my computer in my room still DOES NOT WORK!!!! I dunno why tho.

Soo uh....you know what's funny? WEll at school we're reading this book. and well in a certain part of the book it says that there were these ppl doing everything in rhythm! (or i can just say at the same time) and the class had to go out during recess and do something all at the same time! and we did the hustle! you know that one dance? lol! it was funny cuz soem ppl from the other class started doing it also! even some of the guys lol! and well everyone was staring but we didnt care!!! it was really really fun!

hmm..... uh i g2g now sorry! see ya!

Here's a lot of pics!:

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~

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