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Sunday, September 11, 2005


NO FAIR!! in soccer "yesterday" we LOST! it was raining so it was all muddy *eww Gross*

Ok maybe i should start from the begining, it was the day of my soccer game (one cute love is on my team) and it was raining... so the field was all muddy and gross. we had 13 ppl on our team that were there in all and we were playing 11 on the field (sorry if u dont understand this) and so that means we only get to sub in/out 2 ppl at a time, and the other team(our opponents) had 22 ppl on there team so its like not fair!!! *coughs* to make it more clearly our team was tired while the other team switched every 10 minutes!!!!!! and we lost 1 to 8 or 9......

that was unlucky cuz yea and if u want to kno more details pls PM me!

wow then we went to the mall after, but its a different mall not th eone i normally go to but its a mall, ok? and i was excited cuz i wanted this one chapter book in my series that just came out and hopefully i'll manage to get a manga too! but there was only one bookstore at that mall..... andit was a book warehouse...... so it didnt have the book i wanted and it didnt have any manga either! so it was unfair too!! altho i did buy some shorts,shoes, and i jacket...

today i watched naruto on toonami with my cuzin pandalover1217! and it was the soooooo funny!!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ hahahahahahahahaha! well the 2nd episode they showed was with the kid konhamaru and in the begining naruto took his pictureand it didnt look like him! so they were talking and they said he must retake his picture, and then naruto tried to persuade him by using his "sexy jutsu" and then suddenly the kid konohamaru comes running thru the door towards his grandfather and then he's like "prepare yourself!" and then he suddenly trips and falls!!! it was so funny!!!!! me and pandlover1217 were laughing soooo hard! so when they showed it for the second time we started giggling before he tripped so when he tripped we both exploded with laughter!!!! lol! ^_^ so at least i had fun with her! ^_^

now i'm on the computer and i'm sort of bored.... got any suggestions??? well... let me kno, k?

well Here's the pic!

GO NARUTO!!!! lol!

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Friday, September 9, 2005


Hi ppl!! i missed u!!!!! well ne way my "niece" (whos 14 while i'm 10) made a site and its Shadow Kitty so plz check out her site and give her support!!!! thanks for listening!

wow... my brother went to a football game and so i get to go here!!!

school has been...odd? well i have four new kids in my class and i sit diagonally from one. and u see during recess some of the guys invented the "poking game" so he keeps on poking me and my friends and we get really annoyed and poke him back. but when we start poking each other that means we're playing the game (i kno it seems stupid, but what do u expect from kids?) and then one of my friends started screaming at him. then he screams like a girl at us! and then we start laughing and tell ppl he screams like a girl!!!! it was sooo funny!!! and then i was alone with one of my friends, and we were standing in front of them cause if we turn around he'll poke us. so he picks up a jump rope and starts twirling it over his head, and me and my friend are thinking "he's not allowed to do taht in school so he'll get in trouble anyways" so we turn around and start walking away no big deal... then he started walking toward us and i say: "i feel awkward" and my friend says: "yea i do too" and thats because he was walking toward us swinging a jump rope over his head like he's going to kill us! scary... *shivers* but now he just pokes and screams like a girl and he's pretty much the same since the beginning of school.

oh yea i have a new theme!!! like it?? my bg is chiyo-chan from azumanga daioh and my avi is my old one from b4 so i also changes the colors. oh and pls pls pls pls PLZ tell me if i need to change it!

wel thanx for listening yet again!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ *happily smiles*

~ ttyl ~ Mi ~


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Sunday, September 4, 2005


HEy everyone!! how ya doing?? oh well but my brother went to a party with his girl friend so i am on the comp now!!!!!!!!

we went to the mall the other day and my brother bought a bunch of stuff and so did my dad i mean they bought so many clothes!!!!!!!! and guess how much i bought........... if u guess 0 u are corrrect!!! yea... i bought 0 things... not even a manga... but its okay imean i'll get to go to the mall some other time...

today is very odd cuz when i was in the kitchen to get some food my mom was like:i'll get ur food for u dont worry
Me:okay... oh mom i dont want a lot of food cuz i'm kind of full
My mom:okay then... do u like eggplant?
Me:no mom i do not want any egg plant
My mom:okay then
later my mom brought me my food and i looked at it and u know what she put?!?!?! she put a lot of food and a lot of egg plant thats what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then my mom said:u no u shouldnt be too picky
then there i was staring at my food and taking little bits of it(avoiding the egg plant) then i said:mom i'm full and didnt eat anymore...

now i'm on the comp and my cousins and my nephews come for dinner. then my cousin and his family (his wife stepdaughter and sons) come for dinner too. so here i am with a house full of ppl staring at the comp while i type... bored like heck... starving... but now i'm okay and hopefully ur okay and i hope u had a good day!!!!! thanx for listening! ^_^

here's the pic:

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Friday, September 2, 2005


Wow! it turns out my brother went to the mall today!! so... great news, i get to go on!!! YAY!!!! ^_^ i'm so happy!!

anyways i'm going to go to school in 4 days! ... and i'm not even ready yet... <(-_-)> ... but look on the brightside i get to stay home for a while! but i really want to go to the mall too... well i think i should really stop getting happy then sad happy then sad all the time! it makes me feel all weird! *shivers* but with all this i should stay happy cuz i get to go on!!!! HOORAY!!! lol! ^_^

oh no... my mom and my auntie are fighting again... i mean they used to be each others favorite sisters... now whenever they get in contact with each other they end up fighting... that just makes everything worse... like for instance we went to this wedding and my auntie was there too... they didnt speak to each other the whole entire time... they always fight because of my grandma... u see my grandma went to the hospital a long time ago... and when she got sent home... well... she lived with my auntie... then my auntie got frustrated and started yelling and at that time my mom and i were there so my mom started sticking up for my grandma and so on... now my grandma stays here at my house... and since my mom works my uncles and aunties take different shifts like on monday, tuesday, wednesday, etc. ... and once in a while that specific auntie comes over to see her mother and take care of her an dthen my mom comes home and they start arguing... but at least now the fighting is over cuz while i was typing my auntie left... now i dont exactly want to talk about that subject right now...

well i think i should think of happy thoughts right about now hopefully that will clear things up for me. and hopefully this will cheer me up! ^_^ Here are some pics of di gi charat! hope u like them!! ^_^

PS: i was wrong... this is my longest post ever!

Here's a group pic:


Aww! isnt she cute?


They always look chibi!

last one of Dejiko!

Usada!(or how she calls herself "Rabi en rose":

She reminds me of Misha from Pita-ten because it was made by the same person!

She looks different this way!

Last pic!

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

   hi ppl...

Hi everyone!!!! how are u??? well u dont have to answer that question anyways... well i would like to tell u that um... that this will be my last day in a row to come here i mean i will still be on but i will have to start school and that means my brother and i will be home at the same time... and that means my brother will be on all day long... =( but i'll try to go on as much as i can now and hopefully i'll go on every week. i doubt i will be on every single day so i just wont go on very often...

well i think now i could tell u something like... i dunno? uh... something... *shakes head furiously trying to think of what to say* nothing is popping up *bops head one last time* still nothing. oh well it doesnt matter anyways. *shruggs* i guess i have nothing to say pretty much.oh now i got one!! on monday during my soccer practice i pretty much passed out cuz i didnt eat much earlier then i had to run laps then it got super hot and i didnt feel so good... but i got better but missed soccer pretty much... on my practice yesterday i was perfectly fine... except really tired... well schools starts in five days...but i think i wont be here tomorrow cuz my brother will be home from school then the weekends are going to come... so i think i'll get pretty bored during the school days... but oh well i have to attend every year anyways *sighes* *yawns* great... now what am i supposed to do? well i better go eat anyways. heres a pic:


~ ttyl ~ Mi ~

PS:this is my exact longest post ever!!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Angela!!!!!!!!! and hope u have a good one! Oh and i'm going to call u any seccond now! and i'm really sorry that i didnt give u a b-day presant!!!! =[ *feels guilty* oh and thanx for everything we've been through together! and i'm also very sorry we're not in the same class!!!

~ ttyl ~ Mi ~ *still feels guilty about everything* ~

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

   Hi everybody!

hey everyone!!! hope u have a good day... and happy almost b-day to angela(one cute love) once again! and lets see jeannie(pandalover1217) is here rite now! and shes bored... i'm kinda bored too. shes now demanding extra presants now... woo hoo lucky meee.... oh well it doesnt really matter(kinda) and lets see now... she s now being nice to me for some odd reason... and i'll stop bothering her now hehe *sweat* oh and before i forget heres a pic!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Happy (almost)b-day Angela!

sorry i cant get u a birthday preasant so here's a pic!
~ ♥ Michelle

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hi u guys!!!!

well its almost school time for me!!!!!!!!! wait i'm not that excited... oh well and um i kinda got a teacher that used to be an eighth grade teacher so now i dont kno what to think!!!!!!!! it happens... so i guess for everyday this week i'll be visiting!!!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

   bad news....

i cant fix my introduction so i dont kno what to do... the button u press after fixing it isn't there! oh no...

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