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Friday, December 2, 2005

Time: 7:31, December 2, 2005
Mood: panicking!
...:umm i dont know what to do right here....-_-;;

Ok this post has got to hurry!! anyways i do have school but cause of the snow i have to go at 10:30 (thank goodness!) and well i have a book report due today and i only started a bit yesterday so i'm planning on getting that done!! and i'm in a hurry cause i dont have that long!! i'm sorry about how this is really really really short!! and also good news! i can comment now!! but i cant RIGHT now so yea.... and i have a desk and computer in my room now but its not hooked up yet soo maybe my brother will hook it up for me today! and well i really g2g now so...BYE!!!!

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~

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Monday, November 28, 2005

   ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Time: 2:46, November 28, 2005
Days till my Birthday: 0 (It's already here!)

Hi Everyone!! It's my birthday today!!! and well i'm really happy to be a year older!!! I never thought this day would come *jumps up and down in happiness* YAY!

Today at school, the first one to greet me was none other than Angela (one cute love) she gave me a presant and it was Tetris Worlds... She said she nearly got me Harvest Moon but it was too expensive.... -_-;; but oh well! and the next item i got was from my from Oli. She gave me a a scrapbook album and some stickers because i haven't made a scrapbook yet...hehe! well anywho i dont even know if my teacher knew it was my birthday....BUT OH WELL!! ^_^

and at lunch i knew my friends were going to do it since they kept saying they would.....THEY SANG ME THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG DURING LUNCH!!!! OUT LOUD!!!! we have lunch with the grade older than us so not only the other class heard the song but also the sixth graders! odd.. they dont even know who i am..... so uh.. after they sang to me they sang the happy birthday song to my friend Surachet because its his birthday today too (but i'm talking about my day not his). and well i was sort of laughing when everyone sang.....

Great! i have a TON of homework to do tonight... and hopefully it'll snow! ( so i dont have school ) um well i guess i should end my post here....I post ASAP i promise!!

Here's some pics by the way:

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~ *smiles and waves* ~

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Time: 1:41, November 26, 2005
Days till my birthday: 2 days!
Mood: Happy

Happy Birthday to my friend Kelly! and well my birthday is in two days also! yippee! so i might go to a party tonight for my friend Kelly!

speaking of birthdays....
YAY! I HAVE A COMPUTER NOW!! IT CAN GO IN MY ROOM NOW!!!!! i SOOO HAPPY!!!! I CANT WAIT TO POST MORE OFTEN NOW!!!! but, my brother wants the computer in HIS room and i dont know why since it's my birthday present! and he says that i should just have a laptop so i dont need a desk in my room... cause you see... my room isn't that big compared to my brother's so he is planning about where to put MY computer in HIS room... and i'm just so confused because its mine.... but a laptop would be nice.... on the other hand we already have a nice computer meant for me....so i dont know now....

since i want to change the subject......

so how've you guys been doing? i'm just great except fo rthat fact that i still cant comment on you guys' sites! i dont know what went wrong its just so odd...? I'm bored because my brother isn't here cause he went to his friend's birthday party and my dad went to go somewhere with his brother that had just arrived from the Philippines! and as for my mom... well she has work......

yesterday i went to the mall and i bought two mangas!! yay! i'm also happy because of that!!! and well i sorta finished reading them yesterday... so i guess i'll just read them again because i'm a loser and cant find anything to do. i think i have a better idea and i'll just call Angela (one cute love) and we can chat!

Soo i guess i g2g now! i promise i'll post as soon as we get my computer plugged in! (hopefully) and in the meantime i'll really miss you guys! and remember that my birthday is in TWO DAYS!!!! HOORAY! Buh-bye!

Here's for Kelly! even though she might not see this.......

I hope she really does see this.... -_-;;

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Time: 3:50, November 23,2005
Mood:Okay...I guess...
Days Till My B-day: 5 =^_^= YAY!

Thanks for the comments on my last post everybody! It really cheered me up a lot more!

And soo, my post begins....

I've missed you guys SOOO MUCH! Oh! and Happy early-tomorrow-is Thanksgiving! And well... I FINALLY cleaned my room a few days ago and i'm relieced because we get to buy one pretty soon seeing as my birthday is only FIVE MORE DAYS AWAY! YAY! ^_^

Speaking of my birthday....

Well i'm STILL not sure of what to do on my birthday and i was planning on doing something on friday or saturday! great... its already too late... and um... yea... i think i've been pressuring my friends even more by asking them what they are going to give me on my birthday and they having to always ask 'What do you want then?' and i'm always answering 'Stuff that i like' or 'Suprise ME!' and well i'd like to say sorry to them even tho they wont read this, (not counting Angela (one cute love))

and well there's something wrong with my computer and i cant comment! no matter what i do, the box where you type the comment isn't there! why is this happening to me?!?!?! I really want to go around ALL of your sites and comment by i cant comment!!! *sobs* i want to comment you guys' posts!

hmmm....i dont have THAT much to say right now so, uh... Merry Extremely early Christmas? WAIT! what am i saying?!?!?! i shouldn't be saying that or pressure you on stuff by just reading this! I'M SOOO CONFUSED!!!!!!!! well i guess i'll end my post here... to just make things less confusing....

Here's some pics!:

And there you have it!

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Date: November 19, 2005
Currently: Eating Ramen
days till my birthday:10

hey guys.. i'm back again... well i dont have that great news.. you know in my last post i said that a teacher at my school that retired last year had just died, well she didnt die of a heart attack... she died because she was murdered....

Mrs. U died while she was at Ocean Shores at the age of 64 years old....it was on the news today, i dont know if you watched it ( if you live in washington that is) and well i found out at school and it makes me really sad knowing that someone i knew had been murdered.... thats never happened to me before.... i guess this post wont be that long because i'm beginning to cry.... i didnt really know her that well but i knew who she was and i saw her around school too. all of us were shocked at the news of Mrs.U's death.. no one had seen it coming right then..... and for this i'd like to make sure that Mrs.U will be remembered... she touched many of our hearts.

i'm not sure when the next time i will update will be but i gurantee it will be soon! *cries* and i think i have to go now.....

here's some pics:

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~

PS: on the bright side, i get to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire today!!!!!!! ^_^ yay!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Location: Computer Room
Time: 4:42
Date: Nov.16, 2005
How many days till my b-day?: 12

hey ppl!!! how are u? well i'm so sorry that i haven't updated yet! and i kno i already said i was getting a computer in my room..but i get it once i clean my room (i will never kno when that is!) soo for your sake i'll clean my room!!! (eww) and yea.... soooo how's life? (copied my friend)

you know what's annoying??? well my friends at school were pressuring me today and yesterday on how i need a boy friend! i say i'm still young and could do other things!! but NOOOOO and they hold me down and pull me!!!! and it was funny cuz there were like 4 of them pulling me and i was actually pulling them!! haha lol! i'm stronger! soo yea that's not all that happened... a teacher that retired last year at our school died this morning.... it's sad.. last year when it was the time when the 8th graders leave (they leave before the others) they had a banner that said 'We Love You Mrs. U' )thats what we called her to make her name shorter)and well even tho i've never been in her class or knew her that well i still am very sad... whenever i find out there is a death i can't stand it! it just rips me apart knowing there's another person who's left the world...but i know Mrs.U will always be safe...

and so rite now i'm a little bored.... i dunno what i should do rite now...Wait a sec! i didn't do my homework yet!! -_- lousy homework... soo umm i promise i'll update ASAP!!!! ^_^ i missed you!

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~

Here's a pic:

PS: i'm chatting on AIM rite now so if you want to chat then IM me!! ohmyitsmeeechelle is my sn! i'll repeat it: ohmyitsmeechelle ! so umm yea... buh-bye!!!!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005


Time: 9:08
Brother is currently:At my cousin's house.
Mood:Really hyper!!!!! o(>,<)o

Happy Halloween u guys!! ^_^ i hope u have a great one!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ as u can see i'm really hyper!!!!! i'm just about to count how many pieces of candy i got!! i know its kind of weird but i thought it would be more fun that way for me! ^_^ although i already ate a lot so i'll have to count the rappers!! >_< ...but its ok...

Well when Jeannie (pandalover1217), Angela(one cute love), and I went Trick-or-Treating together i had a LOT of fun!!!!!! i got so much candy!! ^_^ but it was still kind of raining tho..... o(;_;)o and it was especially funny when we were walking down a steep hill i slipped and fell!! o(X_X)o ouch! that did hurt tho!!!!!!!!!!

oh yea... i forgot to mention what we were for Halloween... well, i was a witch, I wore black pants, a sweatshirt, a black coat, and Jeannie's(pandalover1217)witch hat. Angela(one cute love) was also a witch and wore what she wears every single year... and yea.... and as for Jeannie!!(pandalover1217!!) she was a panda of course!! (*Note: if u didn't catch that read her username*) She wore a white shirt with a dark jacket (which she didn't zip because those were her black arms as a panda, a white hat which she decorated and made completely adorable!! It had two eyes on the hat and two very fuzzy ears!!!!! ^_^

so now i am at home and.... well... oh yea! i started passing out treats and my cousins and their boyfriends came!! one of my cousins had this mask on and wanted to scare my mom.... so she came inside and went up to my mom... My mom was SSSSOOOOOOOOOO Startled!!!!!!!! lol! that was fun!! ^_^ (i hope this isn't too long for u)

My brother and his friend Minh came here too!!! yea... my brother was eating pho at Minh's house *sniffs* No Fair!!!!!!!!

oh and as for last saturday... we lost our last game...... it was really dissapointing to me.... we lost 1-0 altho the other team thinks its 3-0 but too scores didn't count! YIPPEE! but.. we still lost our last game....

wow... its getting late and i have to finish up my homework.... *yawns* i hate homework! oh well.. see ya later!!!

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~

Here's some Halloween pics for u guys!!! well.. not all of them are halloween tho... ^_^ But Enjoy!:

click here and just choose the pics u want to see

I know i know... a lot of pics... but... it doesn't matter really... ^_^

NOw off to read some Fanfiction!! ^_^ *waaves* Bye!

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!!! ^_^ (well...almost...)

Happy a few more hours until Hallween everybody!!!! i have to keep this short cause i'm working on a book report and its due tomorrow..... o(-.-")o and so anyway i dont kno if i will go trick-or-treating or not so i thought i better post right now.... and i kno this post will be my shortest in a couple of days and i haven't updated cause i've been really into reading fanfiction lately.... hehe....and i'll miss u guys and i'll hopefully update again tomorrow!!!! once again Happy Hallween! and i hope everyone has a great one!!!!!! ^_^

Here's some more ppita-ten pics!!:

~ ttyl ~ Mi-chan ~

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry that i haven't updated in a very very very very very very very very loooonnnngggg time!!!!!!!!! I feel even more guilty than i did before!!!!!

soo........ how've u guys been? 0 gosh angela!!! yea.. I"m at angela's (one cute love) house and she is very sweet to me!!!! 23122332121213<(>,<)> how dare u!!!!!!

sooooooooooooooo...... running out of subjects.....

here is a picture of one cute love and i!! lol! that's me on the right with the dorky glasses and the pillow and one cute love is on the left screaming for her life~!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

here's a funny animation of Azumanga Daioh!! lol! I hope u enjoy it!!

Here's a Pita-Ten pic!:

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Friday, September 30, 2005

HIII!! i'm sssssssooooooooooooooooooo (and many more) sorry!!!!!!! for not posting in such a looooooonnnnnnngggggg time!! >_< now i'm mad at myself i feel totally guilty!! >_< *hits head with a stick* ouch! that hurt! >_< so pls pls pls forgive me! will u??

well i got great news and i didnt save alot of my car insurance by switching to geico okay?? well the good news is that i get a computer in my room!! so i get to go on myO whenever i want! ^_^ hooray! hooray~!!! ya! woohoo! so yea watever...
okay before at school we voted and so heres the results:

Class President: Jack
Vice President:Olivia M.
Secretary:Oli(Olivia D.)

well... i didnt get nominated for anything and i certainly didnt want to nominate myself so i got nothing......

ok tomorrow is the octoberfest at my school! and its like a festival thing where u use tickets then if u win the games u get prize tickets and then u trade them for cool prizes!! oh and tomorrow is also my mom and my friend jessica's birthday!!!! so happy birthday to them!!!!! ^_^ and many more!

ok today everyone had to reatake a math test except for two ppl: Me and Jack(Mr. Class Presidant Guy) so ppl consider us the smartest ppl in class i guss for some reason.... oh adn for the octoberfest our class is making a pudding eating contest booth!!!!!!! hooray!(so now i get to see ppl with pudding faces!) speaking of pudding faces today when we were decorating our door to advertise our booth a few kids in our class got to have pudding all over their faces and their hands!! they looked so funny!!! my teacher took pictures and they looked odd! oh and to decorate our door they stamped there handprints in pudding on the door today!!! and when it was time to go it was sooo funny because angela(one cute love) went up to our class door and said,"what the heck??" and i was like,"its pudding adn she took her hand and ate some i'm like ewww! grosss!!! thats so nasty! i mean that pudding was on ppl's germy hands!!" and she answered,"not bad pudding!" then we laughed!

~ Mi-chan ~ ttyl ~
Here's the pic!!:

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