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Friday, January 8, 2010

You Scored as Mitsukuni Haninozuka

You are Honey!!! People are always telling oyu how cute and adorable you are, and you eat up all the intention as though it were cake!!! Your best friend acts more like a maid to you, tending to every wim. But, you both respect each other!!! You're also aware of everyone's feelings around you. Unlike most of your friends, you can tell which ones are in love, and which ones don't know it yet!!!

Mitsukuni Haninozuka 70%
Takashi Morinozuka 65%
Haruhi Fujioka 65%
Kyouya Ootori 55%
Tamaki Suou 55%
Hikaru Hitachiin 50%
Renge Houshakuji 45%
Kaoru Hitachiin 45%


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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I hate dentists. Today felt particularly rough. My mouth hurts. Dx
But I have no cavities or anything.

Click this. ->

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First, can anyone see my background? It randomly loads for me and randomly doesn't.

So before Christmas my uncle called to ask my dad what our shirt sizes were. I was here so I know he got the right size.
So someone tell me why my cousin got a cute girl's top and I got a boy's t-shirt two sizes too big.
Kind of really frustrated about that. I saw hers and got excited, then opened mine and instantly deflated. I'll never wear it. It comes down to my thighs. I'll give it to my brother.

My good uncle is also a chef, and he brings food to give to us everytime we meet. This time it was chicken pot pies, baked spaghetti, and country steak. I got two of the spaghettis because he's worried that I'm not eating right at school/college. That's correct, but apparently I'm losing weight. Everyone kept asking if I was, there and at my aunt's two days prior. I can't tell, but I guess I might be? Oh well, I got professional chef food out of it. He's catered for football players before. NFL ones.

In other news, the GPX pokemon egg site I'm addicted to has been completely down all night. Not sure what's going on, but I suddenly have time that I'm not sure what to do with.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

To start off, I'll shamelessly ask that you click this. It's my first good luck find in quite a while.

Day after Christmas means heading to my grandmother's to visit my dad's family for a couple days. Hate it. Loathe it. But I have to go.

Anyway, I was totally caught off guard by an iPod Touch for Christmas. Until then, I'd had the same iPod since high school, one that came out before video iPods even existed. So finally I can have the joy of watching videos on one, plus internet access and stuff. Neat.

Also got what I did ask for, the PS2 game Persona 4. Besides that, a NC State hoodie and a lot of candy. And socks.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Hey, Happy Christmas and stuff.

Today- er, I guess it was yesterday now... Christmas Eve was spent at my aunt's house. We had lunch and then instead of piling into an RV with a bunch of little cousins and going to wal-mart with $20 each, my aunt decided to hold a game of Dirty Santa. Much, MUCH preferred. A few of my cousins are little brats and they get really wild and stupid really fast. Anyway, the brattiest cousin of all took a nerf gun from my brother, so we kept taking it back from him 'til the end of the game so we ended up with it, and then gave it back to my brother. It worked out 'cause we have lots of kids in our family and he's an only child. And I don't care at all that we did it. He was the only one who actually was jerkish enough to take it from my brother. Even the youngest cousins didn't do it, even though they wanted it.

Anyway, it's Christmas I guess. I'll be woken up early and made to stand on the stairs for a picture, and then we'll open presents and just laze around the house for the rest of the day.
I'm getting the PS2 game Persona 4. I got Persona 3 last year. I have no idea what else I'll get because that's all I asked for.

The day after that, we have to get up early again and head off for a three hour drive to my grandmother's house for my dad's family stuff. I hate it. They sit around and hardly even talk. My favorite uncle is rarely there because he hates everyone else, and the best cousin is probably bringing his girlfriend so he'll step out early too. It wouldn't be so bad if dad didn't make us stay for days.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Heeey, site update. Sorta. Mostly just changing the images.
I can't find where to change my avatar so I'm going to look around a little more.

Also, every time I get comments I get really surprised.
Nice to see people remember me!

Um, let's see what to do... I'm watching Funny People right now. I think dad picked the unrated version on accident. It's.. pretty bad, and my little brother's wandering around.
Also, it's almost Christmas! Can't say I'm one to really get into the holiday spirit, because holidays just mean visiting family, and I hate that. But I have to visit, so I have to do it every year. Might as well post up a few wintery pictures on my website.
Like usual, the main page's background is different than the background on the guestbook page.
And a long while ago on SNL they did a sketch with Jimmy Fallon and this song that's now on my site. But you know.. a different version. My site version is covered by Julian Casablancas from the Strokes, which I think is amazing.

And... that's all.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Last night/this morning my roommate stayed up with me 'til 3am watching me play Persona 3. She told me to document this amazing feat.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anyone remember me?

Hey guys!
I'm totally alive, even though I haven't updated since last year. That's pretty crazy. I wonder if anyone will leave any comments? xD
Only one person on my entire friendlist has updated today too, so I think people are sorta drifting away. At least the people I knew. Pretty crazy.

Anyway, I'm in my junior year of college and I'm about halfway through the semester. Fall break was Monday and Tuesday of this week. I got the flu last week, so I missed some classes, including an exam. I'm making it up tomorrow, which means I had a full week extra to prepare, but of course, who studies when they're sick and feverish? Not me. So I'm totally not the slightest bit ready despite that time extension. I have a text book in my lap and I'm slightly panicking.

Anyway, I've been working on drawing again recently. I'll go upload something in just a moment. Not sure what it'll be yet, but we'll see. It'll be a surprise. 8D

Anyway, I kind of just wanted to bring some activity back to my neglected webpage here. I think I'll go post a cosplay outfit up as well. xD

Comment if you see this!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm pretty sure that no one bothers to check here anymore, or even knows who I am now. xD But I posted some stuff in the prevoius post that y'all may or may not find interesting.
I've been busy with college. Third semester's coming to an end in like... a week and a half. Then exams weeks, and then I'm done. And it's winter break. With Christmas. Then I begin my fourth semester.
It snowed a little a few days ago, but was mostly gone by the end of the next day.
And I have a two day week coming up before Thanksgiving, but none of my six classes have been cancled. Dx

Music:Disney Sountracks

Go read my fanfic! [D:] It's temporarily on hold.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

school = suck

I apologize for not saying it sooner, but Happy Halloween to you guys, though no one visits my neglected page anymore anyway. Even though sexy Viral's on it. Sorry Viral. T3T
Well, I've been busy with schoolwork. I'm in exam week again at the moment. Accounting test and Economics quiz tomorrow, math homework Tuesday, Spanish and ISM quizzes Wednesday, along with medieval legacy essays again. I read a book today to prepare for legacy tomorrow, where I also have a quiz.
I went to the Renn Fair this weekend with my roommate and her friends. Here's a picture of me in the green dress, with my roommate on the right and the preformer Dextre Tripp between us. He signed a shirt for me too. Check my other videos for more of his stuff that I recorded. I'm still in the process of uploading. Takes a while. But it was real fun. I might like one of Deborah's friends, but it'd be long distance so I'm not looking into it. xD Even though we hung out a lot. >3>
Then we went to a haunted house, my first one ever, and Deborah/my roommate said she'd protect me, but instead she used me as a sheild and left me behind in the maze at least twice. But I survived. Even though a man chased us out of the haunted house with a chainsaw in hand. Running.
Well, I'm off to do more work. Later guys.

Music:Disney Sountracks

Go read my fanfic! [D:] It's temporarily on hold.

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