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Thursday, December 14, 2006

   Much stuff
WEll, finally i have returned, it's been a little while, i know. but here's an explanation of what's been going on so far *smiles and swishes tail* welp, i have moved from my aunt and uncles back to my mom. She is livin with an old boyfreind now, but guess what.... yep, theres going to be another move comin >.> joy. I finally scored me a job, it was goin great till the owners sold to some idiots, now they're ruining the place into the ground, whoopie <.<
it couldn't get worse huh... it could, tryin to save up my money is like... mega tough, im almost the main source of income for the house hold. what a drag it is huh, and it gets so much better, nope, im not at home on my computer, im at a freinds house on his. Can't get net just yet, gotta wait for the move and a more prosperous job. but all in all, atleast i could manage this ^-^ It's nice to get back once in a while and say hey to you all, i left quite abruptlly for like 2 years i suppose now. Didn't want to but it's just preatty much what happen, well... lifes a strugle but I'm manageing, been in tougher spots i guess ^^ I'll be alright. I'll try to come back once in a while and let you all know whats up, could be days, weeks, even months till my next post, who knows, but hey, love ya all ^-^ *hugs for everyone* se you round *swishes tail and bounds off*

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