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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yamiyasha: nope, not dead yet ^^ takes more then this to get rid of me and yeah, least i do have a job.

Female outlaw: Of course I'd come back, where else i got to go? ^^ an don't worry, stress out is not me.

Well, something good to know, the origanal owners of my job are back in control now, so hopefully the job will pick up and get better now. In other news... heh, i almost got my drivers license, if not for going straight through a left turn only lane >.>;; i guess that is a very bad thing to do. any ways, things seem to be gettin better now, so i can only hope everything picks up for the better sooner or later. hope everyone else is doin alright out there, laters ^-^ *hugs all*

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