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Saturday, October 8, 2005

To Beyblader: It's fine, catch ya laters.

To Yamiyasha: So I'm a bum heh, gotta be something cool.

To Shinjite: Course I member you, good to see you again ^-^

heh, welp, had an intreasting night/morning, was my helpful self toward a friend, usual comferting didn't work, lucky another friend was there to show me how to handel it. Heh, but my friend's ok now, I was up till preaty much 5 am not wanting to leave them alone ^-^ In other new's IT'S GETTING COLD HERE, I don't likes the cold, it's... well cold. Why couldn't summer stay, maybe like, us be a desert town or something. And that concludes my grippeing, so i sat down and tryed my luck at drawing my fursona *cough* needs lotsa work. I don't really do animals much so it's gonna be tough, but I'll manage. Welp, take care all, have a great day *hugs* love you Megyn *hugs and kisses*

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Friday, October 7, 2005

well... im up *ear twitch slightly as tail sways lightly* usually i'd be asleep still at this moment, but someone woke me to fix a tire. Meh, up and about early aint so bad i sposse *shrugs* I gotta kick that procrasitnative habbit ^^;; I had some time to be drawin and stuff... and i sat there instead, lazy me heh. Well i could get workin now... seeing as im up early... *flickers tail* and have like nuthing much to do.
To Beyblader: Hello ^-^
To Yamiyasha: Thanks kitty ^-^
heh, well, take care all, have good days *hugs* love you Megyn *hugs and kisses*

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

heh ^^
*nods* welp, yeah, now that im a furrie i had to pick my animal, so, what else but fox could i wanna be ^-^ As it's called approprietly, it's my fursona, like persona, only with a fur, his name's Draken, I'll have to draw a pic sometime and post it for all to see, if i ever stop being lazy of course. *twitches fox ears quite proudly* I enjoy my life more now, it's silly yeah but it brings a certian joy to be something other then human you know ^^ sounds crazy too i know, but, it's me ^^;; i was searchin the net to learn more about furries, and my eye caught this one that had some guy ranting on about how furries are dangerous and crazy freaks >.> *twitches tail* whatever, i don't think so... oh yeah
Yamiyasha & Sakura * Outlaw melfina, thanks for supporting me ^-^
not much else to say really, cept have a great day and take care all *hugs* love you Megyn *hugs and kisses*

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

since i got nuthing better to talk about, i'll explain this, ahem *looks around* mhm. Well i don't know how to give a really good deffination of this, but, my understanding is that Furries are people more in tune with their animal sides. These are people that show it off proudly, I'm sure maybe you've seen like those coventions or something, of people dressed in furry animal suit, well yeah, there ya go. That ain't the best way to describe it i guess, then again maybe it is. So yeah, I'm gonna be one of thse people, if you want more info search around, it's a little tough but you can manage, kinda ^^;; Anyway, I hope that helps to understand what I'm doing, just getting intough with my animalself and wearing it proudly. It may seem crazy, I know some people aren't all for this, but whatever right, we got our choices to life. heh, take care all *hugs* love you Megyn *hugs and kisses*
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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

well, what a way to start the day, haveing your cusion tell you she's pregnant, my what is the world comeing to? She's 18, it's her choice yeah, but still, i think it unfortunate for it to happen, still so much more she coulda done. Even worse her b/f left her because of it, another "I'm not ready to be a dad." fella, that tick's me off, men these days, well most anyway.
On to more eligntning stories I guess... which i got no clue really right now. Oh, well, I did leave out a bit that at the farmer's fair, me and my bro got to shoot a bow, we didn't do bad for our first times ^-^ I think i might wanna take it up, but as a hobby, not for hunting or anything, I can't kill animals >.>
More over...
Beyblader and Elske29, yeah it is a bummer to see that kind of thing happen, you'd figure since it's a little place it'd be more eaisly and beter taken care of. Things never stay bad forever though, they may come back to a better condition, it's possible.
And final bit of news >.> I have decided... that I'm gonna become part of the Furrie world ^-^ It wasn't no sudden decsion makeing either, it's been a fascination of mine for a long while, i just recently took steps to get a grasp for this and try it out. If you don't know what Furries is... I'll try explaining it tommorow, but I'm sure you all know ^-^ well, take care all *hugs* love you Megyn *hugs and kisses*

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

if theres one thing Litchfield's good for it's random power outages, I swear, I was sitting here with a nice post and then *poit* power out. Anyway, info i had was my mom and her b/f are looking to buy a house with some property, my mom wants to get into farming i guess, and her b/f's parents are gonna give her a pony i hear. Alos it seems alot of people been moveing out of Litchfield, last I herd the entire 6th grade... consisted of 26 kids, preaty low. I guess theres talk the school will shut down, it's cause of the low job oppertunity here that people are moveing. Which has me thinking, I might have to move to my moms if i wanna get a job, I'll be closer to the city so it'll be more easy to find one... so i think/hope. If i did that, i'd be without net again, for a certain amount of time, but mom is talking of getting net over there, so, problly wouldn't be long. well, time to wrap this up, heh, laters all, take care *hugs* love you megyn *hugs and kisses*
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Friday, September 30, 2005

back again...
so yeah another wonderful week spent out at my mom's, hanging out with my sis and bro, and the time spent was nice. got to meet siss b/f, he seem's preaty ok to me, so lets see, was preaty fun i guess. did some fishing, i caught nuthing ^^;; and did some frog hunting, such fun. last night we went to a fair, a farmer's fair, it wasn't so bad, got to see lots of animals, and rode some of the rides, not the best, but still fun ^^ but it's good to be back home, here with all my friends, how i missed em all ^^ well I guess thats it for now... oh and Teia, yeah, they are good games, lots of fun ^^ take care all *hugs* love you megyn *hugs and kisses*
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

   sooo.... like.... o.o
yeah, i been gone long time, yes yes... i was at my moms visiting, i hadn't spent any time with her or my bro for a few months, since they moved out. It was nice seeing them again and being all family like again, im going back over this friday to meet my sis and hang out again, she's sopposed to get her b/f to come out too, she wants me to meet him ^^ so... im gonna wear my best goth outfit and jewlery *rare event* and stuffs. yep yep... i haven't wore any of my necklaces or anything since i left school, which... is a long time ago ^^;; i also been thinking some too, i might have to move out there if i want to get a job, which, hopefully, don't need to happen, but alot of people have been leaveing Litchfield for that reason, no job opertunity *spelling needs work* hm... and a diploma spossed to help get a job... it's useless now. ugh and what the heck is that idiot president thinking *rant, rant, rant* so then i bought two new games "Full metal alchemist 2, Curse of the crimson elixer." and "Inuyasha, Fuedal combat." they aren't bad, although Inu could have more to it, but i guess the two player is the big draw for it *shrug* well that should be enough for now i guess, i'll have a nice little report of the weekend at hand when i come back, so till then, take care all *hugs* love you Megyn *hugs and kisses*

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

here and there
welp yeah, finished "Love hina." was really good, i think i said that in last post... oh well, heh im onto another one now "Mahou Sensei Negina." alot like love hina in the humor sense and all and teaching of the importance of this and that. Well, didn't get to see my friends as planned and Megyn is in Saginaw, don't know when she'll be back, i hope soon though, heh i miss her most ^-^ huh, lets see... still a boring life and all, nuthing exciting, cept Megyn's B-Day was saturday, so was my cusins, congrats to both.
Outlaw melfina:Yeah, storys are a bit long and all, but i'd be sure to leave a little message as usual at the end for reading about my day and such, very unintreasting i know ^^
not much more to say i sposse... hm, well laters to all i say, take care *hugs* love you Megyn *hugs and kisses*

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

well, i finished "Love Hina." All the books have been read, such a good manga, makes me wonder where my future is headed ^^ well, any way, i was gonna go visit my friends in Lincoln park, but we decided to wait, not really ready and didn't plan good enough, heh. but any way, will meet up tuesday, not far off, but... a good ways off.
Femal outlaw, nope, havent played ssx3, sports games aren't much my thing, im more into strategy, rpg, and action games, not saying that it's bad, dont misunderstand that ^^;; heh, but it's not my type of game, although, i'd prolly play with ya if you brought it over or something ^^
Black wings, yeah, good luck to you as well on getting a job, heh, economy just aint what it used to be, shame really, oh well, I'm sure we'll manage, if not, maybe we can depend on our significant others or something you know ^^;; heh easy liveing xp
Eh, preaty sure it'll be another boreing day for me, least i get to chat with Megan ^^ thats a plus, except when she's gonna be gone for her B-day, heh, wish i knew what to get her ^^;; welp, anyway... maybe i should try for another story hm? or would that be no good, what do you guys think, oh yeah, hows the background image, hope it's liked, heh, neko ninja girl, whats cuter then that ^^ anyway, i'll visit if i can, take care all *hugs*

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