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Get Your Own Voice PlayerTuesday, November 6, 2007

   songs i must remember to download :)
brand new gun (bang boom bang)~mad sin
a moment of silence~streetlight manifesto
for no one~the beatles
unlucky in love~reverend horton heat

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Monday, October 15, 2007

well i got my braces today
they hurt like A MOTHER FUCKER right now
goddamnit they hurt so bad.
it feels like my teeth are being pulled out and pushed in at the same time, very slowly. and advil aint working and only warm stuff works and im gonna have to brush my teeth soon cus i had some goddamn oatmeal because i cant eat hard foods anymore.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

todays bills birthday
id be much happier if i could be there o-o;
:D im happy for him, lawl hes 18 today.
but itd be so much beter if i could be ther.
happeh birfday to heem. i loev him :3 <3

D: still... i wish i could be there o-o;
DX im all sad. i wont be able to talk to him today either....

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hi eurbody! im suuper bored at the moment.

Current song playing: Ventura Highway.

Current mood: I feel sick, from jack in the crack food O: Other than that, its bored, and a mix between dissapointment towards the human race, and minless happines.

Status: Listening to ipod, playing this, waiting for anybody i know to login on yahoo or something to talk to me :|

Well okay i gues ill tell you what fucktarded events happened today, and last night. :|

Ooooookay. Well yesterday i found my five stamps :D YAY. and so i was like MUST WRITE LETTR NOW, so i started writing the letter. unfortunately i had found them kinda late, and started writing at eleven or so. My mom came in and thretened to take away my laptop if i didnt shut everything off and go to sleep. :| so i wrote most of the letter by cellphone light. and i had to finish it that morning or it would take forever to send. I sent a camera chip with it, but didnt have time to draw this one picture and send that too :(
But anyway, my parents were talking fucking loud. So i couldnt sleep.
I texted shayla to see if she would come with me to the post office to mail the letter, but we ended up going to jack in the box today.

Today, like evrey Wednesday, was a half day. So i had to wait until one fifteen for shayla to get out of detention. Then we went to jack in the box. o-o; it was weird. I dont know if i had fun, or if i didnt. Anyway, i didnt want to walk all the way to the library carrying my guitar just to mail a letter. I saw a mailman (actually there were like three of them there), so i just gave the letter to one of them asked them to send it for me because there wasnt a mailbox around.
So yeh, it should reach its destination in the next week or so. :)

Then my dad picked me up and im at home now. :| damn, today was pretty boring.

Well, ill update tomorrow, cus tomorrows bills birthday. LAWL hell be 18. neener.



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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

   hi everyone
mood: lonely :\
watching: cash cab
feeling: sleeeeepy DX

im don feel good rite now for some reason.
i know i hasnt posted in a wile :3 but ive been coming back on the past few days randomly.
this place is very special to me, ive met some great people here on myo, so yea, i loev this place. i think they could use some updating, maybe make people interested in keep coming back, its so easy to forget to update this thing unfortunately o-o;.
earlier i made waffles, with REAL maple syrup, not that corn syrup crap. it was good, only setback is if the waffles arent crunchy they soak up too much syrup.
theres big news regarding my dental situation.
to avoid oral syrgery, im getting braces on october fifteenth. i had a retainer about four years ago. and it sucked, however i was only twelve, so watever. i think ill do better with the braces. uhm, according to the orthodontist, were hoping the rubber bands work, because if they dont, i will have to get an extra appliance called the herbst appliance, wich what it does, is its a small (but rather large mind you compared to teeth and its a pipe in urmouth) it acts like two pistons, anchored to your top and bottom teeth. now, what it does, is the pistons cause tention on the upper, or lower jaw, causing it to move forward, or backward depending on if you have an under or overbite. i have an overbite, and an open bite, meaning that a) i have a swallowing disorder O_O that pushes my teeth apart and i can stick my tounge through my front teeth when smiling, and b) because of it i cant chew well, i have a slight speech impediment. also, my left jaw muscle hurts and is stiff a lot. hopefully this will fix everything. uhm, if these things do not work, then i will have to have oral surgery, possibly on both the upper and lower jaw.

today my legs are hurting very bad. specifically the muscles. my right leg, my thigh is aching and stiff, and on my left leg the shin is practically immobile, the muscle aches and burns when i move my foot a certain way, and to add to that, my hips knees and ankles are stiff too o-o.

anyway im now getting bored, and this isnt helping unfortunately o-o;
so i will stop typing now, see yalls later!

~sarah <3

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