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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hello everyone. How are you? I'm doing fine. Out of the four comments I got yesterday, they said that I should post my Saint Seiya fanfic. I will post it, but it's gonna take some time editing and revising, but if you wanna read it, just follow this link ---> Saint Seiya Fanfic

Those three requests will be up, as soon as I'm done with HW. I will be working on School work today since I'm leaving for San Fransisco on Thursday. I will try to finish them by then ^^

Have a great day!


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Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm a phychic! XP Jk,I just felt like saying that. Call me weird but I woke up at 7:00 this morning. But this is because I'm helping out in school at 9:00.

Wolf Sanin3, I finished your drawing, so it should be up later today or tomorrow. I think I did a very good job on it ^^

Gak, what else to talk about? Dunno....RANDOM QUESTIONS TIME!!! XD

1) Is life a pain?
2) If you visited CT would you vist me?
3) Do you draw?
4) Dogs or cats? or both?
5) I'm thinking of posting my Saint Seiya Fanfiction, should I?
6) Any art requests?

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Friday, November 2, 2007

hello ppl. Boy I got a lot of art to post ^^ I'm actually exploring on how to color things, so that's why i'm not posting any artwork. I got art next trimester so i might pick up a few tricks ^_^

Next week on Thursday i'm going *drumroll* to San Fransisco! Woot! I'm so happy, I've never been to San Fransisco ^^ But it's a bit stressful since we're leaving near the end of the trimester ^^''

I'm gonna have to get my business letter (for tech ed) turned in, and we don't have any school on tuesday, so i'll be working hard. Ugh, gots lots of things to do.

Well that's all, Hope everyone's ok.

~If you want a life, just ask~

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! How's everybody? I'm doing fine ^^ Sorry about not posting and visiting, I've been having a HUGE amount of homework. Today I didn't get any homework from my teachers, YES!!!!! I got some candy and a popcorn ball from my teachers, i liked the popcorn ball :)

Is everybody trick or treating? I hope so, because I can't :( My stupid ankle is a pain in the neck, I can walk on uneven surfaces, but if it gets dark, then there's a probable cause that I will trip and twist my ankle. May be I'll hide in the bushes and scare little kids....We don't have many little kids in the neighborhood (darn!)

Math is okay, I like it, but working on algebra kills my brain X( I can never exactly give the right answer, and everybody says I'm smart! That doesn't make any sense! Does it?

Science we're learning about genetics, which I am finding very interesting. We did Punnett Squares in which you write the genotypes of the parents to find out the genotypes of the kids. We were answering a question about that in class, and nobody knew the answer, so my teacher saw me drawing a punnett square to figure it out, and she sent me to the board to do it. Not without giving me a heart attack first. >.>

Social Studies; STILL studying the American Revoloution. I got a A+ on the recent quiz we took.

Language Arts class: it's okay. Nothing much is going on.

Sorry for the rant, I needed to this, it makes me feel better. Thank you all for reading this! :D

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Salut! (hello) How's everyone? I'm sorry I haven't posted in a LONG time ^^U I'm in a better mood, and stress seems to be gone. I've joined the yearbook comittee, go me! lol One of my friends wanted to do it, but she couldn't because of another activity >.< I wish she joined, I only know a few people in there, everybody else is from a different kiva (a kiva is ONE big room with four classrooms).

School's going okay. I still think my science teacher hates me ~_~'' She has issues (sorry luci, but it's true!), today my mom came in, and my mom waved hi to her, she completely ignored her! I think she has issues with Asians.

Math class is boring! I was close of falling asleep and would've if I hadn't had a boy next to me, who was commenting on my doodles. (Why do most boys comment on doodle?)

Language Arts is okay. We're learning how to write reviews, I finished the homework we were suppose to do in the car when we went to Home Depot.

Social Studies. One word: NIGHTMARE!!!!!!! I saw my social studies teacher in a colonial dress. It scared me. We were doing a debate, and there were four neturalists (and I was one of them //_TT) and the neturalists had to choose between patriots and loyalists. I was the last to choose, and I choose patriots (All the neturalists choose to be patriots). And when I went into the locker hallway to get my Language Art stuff, two people from the loyalists started picking on me. (I was pretending to be a wax sculpturer) They teased me because I said, 'There might be a tax on wax'. And they said there wouldn't be. So in my style, I blew up at them, and told them to shut up. Thier faces were hilarious. ^^ I also yelled at the gym class today o_O I had a bad headache...and they were too noisy...and they wouldn't listen to the sub. To think of it, when I had a sub in Social Studies a few weeks back, I also yelled at the class o_O

I will be changing my site's theme, ok? So if you visit and it looks funny, don't mind it. One more thing, my mom is cutting off the internet on Saturdays, so I won't be on until Sunday afternoons.


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Monday, October 15, 2007

Hi ppl. I stayed home from school today, wasn't feeling too well, but I think I'm going tomorrow. Argh, I've got absent work to do (//_TT) I HATE absent work.

Thank you all for wishing me better. But in truth I'm not feeling better. It all started back when I was in 3rd grade (anime rocks 1994, if you're reading this, you know what happened), and I was practically everyone's friend, and then I guess one of my good friends was jealous of me and began to tease me, and make me look like a bad person.

At first I was oblivious, but eventually I figured out what was going on. So I told the teacher (How naive am i?) and she said she was going to do something about it. Never did anything. I had to breakdown in front of the recess teachers, and my 3rd grade teacher just to show them how bad it was. And I'm still sort of resentful towards my friends (I'm sorry anime rocks 1994 but I am), because, they believed all that crap! And they ignored me, and me being more mature then a average 8 year-old, I wanted to hurt them badly, but I forgave, but I didn't forget. (The resentful person is here...)

The same thing happened in fourth grade, except it revolved around a new girl taking my place in our friends group (GAH! THAT WAS MAKING ME SUPER MAD!!!!!!!!!!). So I was nasty to her, and VERY resentful. I guess I was doing that because I was jealous. So when fifth grade hit, I withdrew from the world. I found new friends, and chatted to them, but I was somewhat cold.

Little did I realize what I did. I shut myself from the world, and this year, I'm realizing what it's doing to me. Right now I'm a depressed person, and it got worse when I had my surgery in May. So I'm basically a person that wears a fake smile to please the world, when really I have a messed up emotion trailer and thinking about suicide and wondering how everyone would miss me (besides my family) if I died.

*Takes breath* Okay, I'm not really thinking of suicide, but it's something that floats in one ear and out the other. I don't really know why I spilled my guts out, but PLEASE refrain yourselves from gossping about this. I trust you guys to keep it a secret. Please, please don't breath this a word to anyone. I trust you all, don't break it. I'm broken enough.

~Suicide is a path, a cowardly path that is~

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hi ppl. Today was a rather boring/lazing around days. I woke up really late. And my brother was off to a birthday party, so i didn't have to really put up with him.

I don't know why, but I've been feeling depressed lately. I guess I can say that I'm a emotional wreck. Always wearing a fake smile. *shakes head* I hate it.

Well, let's jump off of that subject. For dinner we went out to Oriental Palace. I like their food. They're a Japanese/Chinese restraunt. I love their Chicken Teriyaki. And I got a CD by Within Temptation. Which was good ^^

So I hope everyone's is well, and having a better time sorting out their feelings then me ^^



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~If we can drop, then we can climb~

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hiya everyone. So what's up? I'm doing fine. OMG!! I have this funny picture that I'm going to post >:3 And I'm going to post my neko person! I love his chibi form ^_^ (luci you saw that drawing!)

I'm bored. Oh and thank you for commenting on my art ^^ We're going to my brother's karate class, so i won't be on for too long.

Science is a nightmare. We (meaning the girls in my class) had to write about what a guy had to go through in puberty, and vice versa for the guys. It was disgusting >_< Did you know boys during puberty can actually develop 'breasts', temporarily? GROSS!

Math class, didn't have it today. But we got a test tomorrow, but i miss it b/c of my lesson.

Social Studies, we're studying the American Revloution. It's pretty interesting. And we're watching the movie 'Johnny Temain' (however you spell his last name).

Language Arts, we're also watching a movie, 'October Sky'. It's pretty interesting. It's fun watching them have their rockets explode XD

And that's all I think. I was close of having my dialogue test for French, but it was the end of class when she called my name. Two more nights of studying (I have French evey other day).

Well I'm going to stop rambling, and let you guys go back to your life ^^ I have yet to stop rambling. (This might be a effect since I don't talk too much? Dunno.)

~If you can't laugh then forgot about smiling~

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yo ppl. I'm half-asleep. It's 6:30am here, and it's freezing cold! I might catch a snooze in the car. Oh I forgot to tell you that I'm going to the doctors, to get a MRI testing for my ankle. MRI testings are basically like x-rays, but instead of bones, you see the joints.

And for the first Math quiz of the year I got a 100! I'm so happy ^^ Mapping by heart grades came back, and I got a A- on that. French quiz I got a A+, and on my science project a C. Nothing new, my science teacher always hated me :P

Well, I'll probably update when I get back to let you guys know how my ankle is, see ya soon. :)


Request For Koolzo

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Libra Nike

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Andromeda Leto

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Pegasaus Seth

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~To follow your own path is one, to follow another is another~

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Monday, October 8, 2007

I know it's late, and all. But I felt like posting....um yeah ^^U I went to borders today and got two new books, and a new magna. One of the books is called 'The Titan's Curse'. Believe it or not I finished it about 6 hours. I'm a fast reader and the book had about 312 pages, so that was sort of a breeze for me. (Call me a bookworm if you like, I just like books).

koolzo, I'm working on your request, and I'll hopefully have it up soon. Oh shit, I forgot to do my laundry. I'm gonna go do that now. See everybody later!

Random Questions:
1) Have you read the series, 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians'?
2) Any art requests?
3) WOOHOO! (not a question, I know).

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