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Monday, July 11, 2005

:) igot a job, working with my dad friends on house it pays 250 a week :). iam so happy. o yes the member on her named lilmama89(aka rhainna) sent me some hard core porn of her. ( wat the fuck) she does look cute but is carzy. so she is the member of the moth. anyway pm her if you want some or make complants to her about it k. question does anyone have a job and how much do you make.
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Thursday, July 7, 2005

yesterday i got battle feild 2 ( the best game on earht). its cost me like 52.00 bucks but its worth it. i love the game and cant wat to play online tommor. if you you thank you can take me on pm. anyway i got a question for my pespes do you like the tatse of lead, lol. hope everyone is good and fine. see you later
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Friday, July 1, 2005

   all my friend(its kind of sloppy)

AirbenderPaschan 06/26/05
X AnimeGoddess24 06/02/05
X AnimeGrl 101 06/30/05
X AnimeGrlAllTheWay 06/14/05
X babyDNangel 04/27/05
X baller1429 04/24/05
X blu moon 06/24/05
X Broken Angel 06/24/05
X cheza382 06/30/05
X ChibiIchigo 06/30/05
X CowTipper 07/01/05
X dawkins2081 05/28/05
X demonslyrtalim 06/29/05
X female outlaw 06/30/05
X Flarvee 04/20/05
X fox ressurected 06/18/05
X Hanyou-InuYasha 06/30/05
X HedakiChii1223 05/16/05
X ice crystal 05/09/05
X kayura316 04/26/05
X Kilala fan 06/30/05
X LiLMaMa89 07/01/05
X masterofanime 06/10/05
X Panda 06/28/05
X Pinky Ichigo 06/27/05
X sailor firestar 06/28/05
X Sakon N/A
X Sasaya 06/27/05
X snow drop 06/30/05
X TheWolfDemonMizu 06/28/05
X Tokyogurl1 06/30/05
X wolfygirl89 06/28/05
X Yamchaa 06/30/05
X ziopheth 06/30/05

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   lazy, and love games
whats it benn 3,4 weeks in to summer and i have still done nothing not even call my friends or nobody eles i barley update my page and do noting but sit and play runescape all day on miniclips.com I am going too get fat. anyway hope your summer are all going good and to the girls its about time to brake out your 2pice swimsuits(lol). And i been brain wash by adultswim. my summer is fun so far but i need to talk to my freinds. anyway dont waste your summer like me ( get out and play, verb) lol pace.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

so it been a week and something days into my summer now and i have done nothing nothing at all but seat on my butt and play games.i was going to look for and job and call this girl who iam talking to but i have done nether. i fell so lazy but i did help my bother clean has car and got some money think on buying the new gurlluz album with it. i love there song feel good inc. i also found a great new game on the internet its called runescape at miniclips.com you guys sholud play it if you do my name on it is nbow08 so add me as a friend ok later.

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Monday, June 20, 2005

   hi all
summer is here summer is here thank all god and mighty summer is here. school is out and its time to sit back and relax i hope you all summer is going good so far.
but i been not abile to access my computer because i moved once again. any i will try my hardist to add stuff on at least every other day.

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Friday, June 3, 2005

Man my weekend was all planed out and i was ready for friday, saturday and sunday.but i was supposed to go to the movies with this girl ashely and we were going to gameworks right after the movies. I even saved up 120 dollars to spend. but she got suspended for using her phone in school and got her cell phone took. and her mom is mad at her. so right now i cant get in tuch with her i my week has started out all wrong. any way what are you guys doing over the weekend.
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over the pass month i been very lazy in up dating my page but my friend(masterofanime) kept bugging me to do it everytime i came to school. so i going to try to up date my page more. any way i only have two weeks lefts in school and i am so very happy.on monday we get to turned in are books and do nothing in are classes till finals. when is you gays lasts guy?
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

   so sorry
sorry i have not updated my site but i willlater. thank too school.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

   it been a long time
sorry i have not been puting anything up latley been busy with school. like they say u must work befor u can play. I got a question for the girls. i sit next to a girl her name is ashely we talk about everyday but not alot, just dum stuff. she is in two of my class and i like her. today my teacher moved my seat to the other side of the room she said bye in like a disapponited vioce. do you think i sould ask her out what should i do.
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