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Monday, February 11, 2008

Ohayio, everyone! ^^; Ryu~Chan here!

Sorry the club hasn't been updated in SOOO long. both Shuichi's and My computer broke at the exact same time! when I came back on, I was like '0_0 SHU~CHAN!!! WE HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM!!! OUR CLUB IS OLD!!!'

but anywho, we are just getting everything on our regular site's back in check, then we'll work on getting the club back up and running!XD YAYNESS!!!!

Also, if anyone would STILL like to join the club, please PM this sites PM box, me (Animegal84119) or Shu~Chan (Innocent Heart) and we will add you to the friend's list! (member's list ^^;)

Random Manga Clip:

Funny Eureka 7 comics

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shaun the sheep

Happy and HYPER!!!XD

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