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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

TIME: 7.25 AM
MOOD: still sleepy, but ok i guess
PLACE: working place

working again... but not realy working...i'm watching bleach on youtube - i don't know what the hell is going on... i watched bleach a jear ago... i think... i came to... 20th episode and now i'm watching 135th so i just missed about 115 episodes... do you think i missed something?

maaaan its boring

nothing much happend...

so take care

special hello to:
tnx for commenting^^

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

TIME: 8.8 AM
MOOD: good
PLACE: working place

hmmm... *reads the last post* oh...

So... nothing interesting happend on saturday, I was home all day, didn't have anything to do. I talked to snesha (bros girlfriend) and hang up with my dad.
We(some friends and me) went to a lake in the afternoon... it was kinda boring cuz everyone was drunk... but me... I always have to drive them sickos home... damn my good ways.

Sunday - cut my hair...

Yesterday...I came to my WP and the first thing to hear from by bro was:"What the hell did you do with your hair" *me: -_-* Work was boring as always. At about 3 PM I was home... ate something and went out - this is when the real party started... A couple of friends came home from vacation. As I know them this was a koma trip (24/7 drinking season) So, on the way home they cut their hair then shaved them... and the end... they're all skin heads XD. But this is not he thing that made me belive they're complite idiots... so try to imagine the scene...

Garmut -> the jungest
Bata -> the oldest 8hes only 16 ut he looks like hes 19 or 20...
Gachnik -> the bigest idiot of all the three guys

So.. This is what happend:
Garmut has a broken cellfone so he plays with it, throws it on the ground plays footbal with it... Ok... whatever *me: O_O* So he gives his CF to Bata and Bata hives hes CF to Garmut... then Bata throws Garmuts CF on the roof of a house *me: wtf?* In the next second Garmud throws Batas CF on the roof *me: What the hell are they doing man???* Then Garmut and Bata say to Gachnik:"So?"... then Gachnik throws his CF to the roof... *me: WHAT THE HEEELL???????* They go climb up the roof and get their cellfones...

and we all... MAN THEY ARE STUPID... DAMN...

ok... if you didnt get that... don't go back and read it again. It's so very stupid you wont belive me anyway... ^^

thats all for now

p.s.: working again

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Friday, August 3, 2007

TIME: 3.01 PM
MOOD: still crappy
PLACE: home

thank you for the comments ^^

ya well, my sis made the layout a long time ago, but didnt use the site. i find it kinda sweet although its too much pink ^^
guys who wear pink here are smekers* (dunno how to say it in english... it means something like: its a guy who thinks that he can get all the things he wants -> like a manly bitch =D) some kind of a mark for them =D... so i always wonder why is mom always buying me pink shirts... (i dont wear them... shhhhh don't tell mom)
i had a schoolmate who worn pink underwear 0.o damn that was disgusting... and hes head was so empty as if you where talking to a potato

my work? hmm, its a accouting place, really boring - well its not exactly boring me and my ro are allways fighting over some damn thing...

thank you for cheering me up dude ^^

yea its damn lonely, miss my old friends. i used to use 2 hour to read all the posts and comment them... it thakes me now about 15 minutes...

damn crappy life =D


i'm home, i had a damn fight with my brother yesterday so i called my mom and said to her that i'm not coming to work today. hes such a bitch... he didin't do a damn thing in his whole life right and thinks hes the best there is...
i hate him right now... but at least i could stay at home ^^

man... long post =D

take care hope to see you and tnx fot the comments


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Thursday, August 2, 2007

TIME: 1.18 PM
MOOD: kinda crappy
PLACE: at my working place

oh well after almost 3 years i got my site back... my sister used to use my site but now i got it back... was about time...

theres defenetly to much pink but i think ill leave it this way for a bit, since i dont have the time, to change it.

was for about a year away.. so i figured that no one of my old friends is posting.. well i know W_K from a german site so i know hes alive, outlaw melfina and mysterious rei are away, the only one alive is red:leaf... thats funny how things can change in a year... damn... i really miss darkantonio, daff-power and animalis (he quit long ago...)

well im working again... my bro always gives me the crappy work that he doesn want to do... so i have to do it... damn...

hmm... didnt happen much... from yesterday to today...

i erased all the post from my sister, they where so stupid - about 2 years old...

now everybody thinks im a girl... damn im a boy... just my sister used my nick and my site... pain in the neck...

damn... i dont wanna have a sis...

well... take care ill see you


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