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Sunday, April 16, 2006

...so, yeah, it's official.

i couldn't keep all the images from popping into my head so i had no choice but to stick them on a piece of paper.

...of course i put some of them on here...just look at my portfolio adn you'll know what i mean. the last time put up something was the first day i had this account...very sad indeed. any way, i was wandering around on DeviantArt.com and i saw some inspirational short mangas and such then i thought, "why not do the same thing?"
...so now i'm scurrying around the net for a program that can set up comic strips...i can't do my own plus i'm too lazy. think any of you can throw me a hint or two?

in other news!

...technically, spring is here in Germany, but it's still cold as fuck! aparrently it doesn't get warm until summertime. T_T WTF?! back home in Rhode Island (shut up Family Guy fans-QUOHOG IS NOT A REAL CITY!) it's already in the upper 60's. and i still got another year and a half left in this place before i can go back to the states (hopefully). wait, that reminds me-i need phone cards to call home...when i'm done rambling that is.
...in other news, nothing much has changed at work...'cept one of my friends is going on leave (vacation) for the week, and that means i gotta take care of the weekly reports (you don;t need to know what i mean) and we're also moving furniture around cuz more poeple are coming in the office...we'd be better off having cubucles instead of cramming all these nice-looking desks in such a small space...and our new officer in command is a real prick too...can somebody say "power-trip?"

...i think that's it for now...so i'll just try to enjoy this Sunday...i don;t want to go to work in the morning... ;_;

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