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Friday, March 31, 2006

uhh, yeah, so i actually got off my worthless ass and started drawing all hardcore and stuff...that's a big change there.

and if you have some strange need to see my art, then come see my DeviantArt profile
( http://hayate-jin72.deviantart.com )
there's more stuff there than here...until i find a damn scanner! i guess it's a preview of sorts of what i can do.

i also have plans to get me a computer so i can start CG-ing stuff on photoshop and such, but that might be about a month before that happens...i gots bills to pay and all that fun shit.

...i hate being single in another country...*tear*

...sorry about that...now i gotta go back to work...stupid army...this life isn't as exciting as i had hoped...long days of playing solitaire at the office...whatever; i'm done ranting.


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