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Thursday, April 13, 2006

ok, i lied
yeah, i did. sorry. i got pictures up now, so feel free to look, but refer to my deviantart account for commentary.


more on my boring life some other time.

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   update and such
expect to see new art tomorrow, ok?
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Friday, March 31, 2006

uhh, yeah, so i actually got off my worthless ass and started drawing all hardcore and stuff...that's a big change there.

and if you have some strange need to see my art, then come see my DeviantArt profile
( http://hayate-jin72.deviantart.com )
there's more stuff there than here...until i find a damn scanner! i guess it's a preview of sorts of what i can do.

i also have plans to get me a computer so i can start CG-ing stuff on photoshop and such, but that might be about a month before that happens...i gots bills to pay and all that fun shit.

...i hate being single in another country...*tear*

...sorry about that...now i gotta go back to work...stupid army...this life isn't as exciting as i had hoped...long days of playing solitaire at the office...whatever; i'm done ranting.


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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

...so about 2 months ago i put in a request to have some stuff at home sent to me here in Germany because they told me i could...
...so i waited
...and waited
...and waited
...i think you get the point.
now my room is filled with some clothes (now i don't have to wear the same two outfits over and over) and i got my GameCube, Xbox, and PS2 sitting around (note to all: DO NOT GET DDR: MARIO MIX FOR GAMECUBE-IT'S TOO EASY AND THE SONGS SUCK TO BEGIN WITH) Now i can DDR my ass off until I reach muscle failure! *yay for Xenon and MAX 300!*
I tried (yes...TRIED) to do Paranoia SURVIVOR...for like the 4th time...so what if i fell on my ass in the middle of it? hey...stop laughing! SHUT UP! *BOOM!...i blew up and died*
i drew something the other day...well...more like sketched, but i like how it turned out so i'll try to do it again, but better and stuff...and my search for a scanner continues...dammit...
...i'll just play Metal Gear Solid: the Twin Snakes for a while...see you later.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

   Life here sucks.
I work in an office (I even have my own desk! *w00t!*) but i don't do shit all day...i can't even do my job cuz not enough happens for it to be necessary for me to do anything...so now i sit at my desk and just stare at that wall all damn day...

WAIT... I JUST GOT PAID! SKOR! now i can go spend somemoney on useless shit! *yay* But i can't find a scanner...goddammit.

it'll just take that muvh longer before i can get drawings to fill this gallery of mine... i hope it's soon.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

hey i'm not in Rhode Island anymore...that kinda sucks.
I'm kinda sitting here in some room in germany typing away and...basically killing major time after a long day of germany class.

on thursday i'm going on a field trip out on the city and we're going on a train...then again some guy told me the other day that it's likely for me to be approached by a german girl, so right now i'm trying NOT to think about how such an event would pan out...tough i can't say it may turn out well at all ever.

this weekend i'll have to go hunt for a scanner ...then i gotta look for my missing memory stick...it's got three new pics i've been meaning to post...not a good way to start my third week in Germany...oh, well.

anyway, i'm here now, so if you want to get in touch, just drop a note or an e-mail...i might also be running aroung in AIM...just keep your eyes peeled and be aware of the time difference...it's like...5:02pm here right now.

it's cold here but it's kinda a refreshing change from the city...the base sits next to a small farming village, but there's still some bars here and a bunch of people here are trying to get me to go get drunk with them (the legal drinking age here is 18) and pick up chicks...such an absurd notion...i always thought it was such a useless way to spend time and money...whatever. besides, if i do get bored and decide to go to a bigger city...Munich, Frankfurt, etc, i can just as easily hop on the train...but before you offer travel advice, i'd just like to say...

IF YOU ASK ME ABOUT THE "REDLIGHT DISTRICT" IN FRANKFURT, I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU...everytime i ask about frankfurt, it's the absolute first response out of every one's damn mouth! I'm not interested in blowing 200+ euros just to get laid a few times...everything's better when it's free, anyhow; i'll go to a club for that shit.

...and now i think i'll try opening up my request line...just don't expect anything from me right away...not that i've done much of anything lately anyway...sorry about that.

...but i do appreciate you reading my latest rant about life. bye.

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