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Saturday, September 18, 2010

   Goodbye, Ani
There comes a time when you have to tell a social networking site goodbye. That should have happened back in 2008, when I gradually lost interest in this site. Not that I find it particularly boring in general, but because I'm not good with social networks and feeling pressured to keep up with what everyone is saying. Plus, my main reason for joining this site was for art. I also signed up for deviantart as well as Tokyopop around the same time I joined this website for the same reason. But deviantart felt more art orientated and Tokyopop felt more manga centered. Compare that to this site which is supposed to be like the facebooks and the myspaces of anime and manga. So basically, I feel that I have no reason for being part of this site.

I doubt that any of the sincerely amusing people I spent time with are still around- one look at my list shows that about three out of twenty(?) people updated this year. So this goodbye is more to my blog and my old internet name, Ani Mae.

My first post (I think) was from October 21, 2006. I've had a blast reading my old posts; one on the next World Cup (that was held this summer) and wondering where I would be; one where Harry Potter rescued me in a dream; my seemingly endless posts about soccer. Seriously? Was I this annoying to the people who watched me? And apparently I was into politics back in 2006, or at least mildly interested. I also read some of my whining over Image Broadway, a program I used to use to color my pictures. I think I moved on to GIMP from that before finally getting Photoshop in 2009. And one post was about the Virginia Tech shootings. A part of me felt nostalgic reading them and it felt wrong to delete the sometimes embarrassing, Anglophile posts.

I remember creating an Avatar: The Last Airbender fan club. I never got far in it and its probably had been deleted. As for my art on here, I'm not sure if I should delete them or not.

But that's enough rambling, dear Ani Mae. I'm not leaving you for my Facebook (barely uses it) or twitter (nonexistent) or even Myspace (people still use that?). But I am leaving you for my struggling deviantart account, Tokyopop (maybe) and a few other writing websites.

I guess my other purpose in writing this unorganized post is to tell you guys (if you're reading) where I'll be. Here are the websites that are currenlty active:

* ninivenable.blogspot.com
* dancing-riceball.deviantart.com
* tokyopop.com/ani_mae

I'm also on authonomy.com, inkpop.com and NANOWRIMO under the name "Dancing Riceball."

Goodbye Ani, online friends that may never return and my precious youth.
I've really just hammed this post up XD

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