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Friday, March 21, 2008

ok i'm totally confused.... i come back and i find that half the stuff on the sides are missing... the comments box is all weird.... and i can't find the upload button for avatars.... O.o what the heck is going on here???/ plus the pm thing is down O.o
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

yep i technically died... homework is too much for me to handle basically: the classes i'm in are Spanish 2, Medical Science 1, Chemistry Honors, and Pre-calc Honors, everyone like homework apparently and i'm dying cause of it... oooo news: my school had a lock down for 1 hour during last period so i had an extra hour of school... how fun is that.... somebody decided that they wanted to shoot the window of the front office or something like that, so then lock down... not to mention for a girl, it was a bad day for me...(if your a boy don't read into that okay ~.^)i think i'm into fairies and vampires now for some reason... books. so yay fairies and vampires. lol and i think i just might change my layout sinces it's no longer christmas.
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Monday, December 24, 2007

hey guys!!!! it's christmas eve and i managed to finish my LAYOUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!! so how do you guys like it and how your holiday break???? good i hope. i technically know what i got present wise. hehehe well i'll be on tomarrow and iHOPEyouALLhaveAmerryCHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! woooohoooo!
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Monday, December 17, 2007

oh my gosh O.o i haven't been here in FOREVER!! gomenai everyone TT.TT i've been watching too much anime for my own good.... and i've been leaving my site to the easy version. so i'll try and spice it up like a used too. SORRY!!! and for those who update i'll try to go to your sites every once in a while... basically if you come to my site and leave a message, i guarantee that i'll come to your site when i'm on. ummmmm.... since myo has been on the low down (boring side of life lately) maybe i should do something... any suggestions guys??? ummmm.... lets do this every time i post i'll put up a picture and you have to guess who it is... but it's gonna show only one body part so it's not that easy that it gets boring.... hopefully in my case i can keep up with it :P
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Monday, November 12, 2007

no school. yay but i'm bored. boo.... that's all gonna watch some anime videos :P
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

hey people how's it going???? i'm just gonna list my life ok ~.^
♦well i'm good i guess...

♦i have a psychology test and civics and economics quiz tomorrow

♦my brother is coming home from college today for fall break

♦my right ear has an allergic reaction to my ears so now it's rashy and sore

♦i have a citizen project i have to do for civics and economics and it's due on January 4th.

♦i'm trying to plan my friends birthday which is Nov. 2 but she's on color guard, and friday is high school football which she preforms in and doesn't get back till late. and on saturaday she has color guard practice

♦it a drought where i live -_-;;

i think that's about it :P i love onion heads

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

*sigh* i'm gonna try my best to come to myo... wish meh luck....
ok my life:
i slept for like a very very long time, 4 hours after i got home from school, soooo sleepy. i hate getting up at 5:15 am every morning *sigh* and the bus makes you more sleepy. i have a civics and economics test tomorrow that i need to REALLY study for but I'll get off around 8:30 to do that.
people in my life:
Joseph, a kid who is half Chinese; half american/british(either on of those). he annoys the heck out of me TT.TT ok he rides my bus and sets in front of me in the mornings. he would be like "hi angie" and i would be like "hi" then he just seats there and stares at me.... ARRRRGGGGHHHH one day i told him "stop staring at me please, it's annoying" he's response was "ooo is it really annoying? ok" [next day] same thing except i don't tell him to stop, cause he does it anyway -_-
movies at school:
"Dave" in Civics and Economics
"The man in the Iron Mask" in English
Books reading at school:
"The Cage the Animals at Night"
-omg i love this book, it's sad. this kid named Jennings, mom keeps getting sick that he's sent to orphanages and foster families each time. i made a decision that i'm adopting a kid(8 or so yrs old) when i'm old enough, and having my own kids maybe. :P READ IT. IT'S AN AMAZING MEMIOR(true story)

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

awwww..... sorry guys i haven't been on much... been watching anime videos online and nothing else :P well apparently angelette.com went out of business(where i used to get some of my avatars...) :( sigh... i'm on aol right now cause my dad has this parental control thing that you have to sign onto to access the internet.... and it kinda disappeared so i can't use mozilla or internet explorer =.=;; and i'm on the "10-14" age group so i can't go on alot of things T.T well anyway how are you guys...????? and what's UP????
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Sunday, September 9, 2007

*cough cough* sorry guys. i really haven't been on in forever. and i may not post alot anymore sorry about that. well i'm in 10th grade now, and i find it boring so far. i mean i have nice teachers and everything but i don't really feel like wow this is fun or anything like that. this is really depressing i used to think wow myo is the greatest thing ever and went on pretty much everyday but now i hardly go on >.< so that's pretty much it. bye guys until sometime far into the future. or when i feel like posting
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

O.o o wow i haven't been here in a long long time. -_-;; sorry about that... to be honest, it gets boring from time to time. you should see my xanga T.T what a poor site that is.... well i'm proud to announce that i've finally finished the yu yu hakusho series :P i don't know i was in the mood for it or something and so i spent like 8 hours finding, downloading, and watching the series. which was like 30 episodes or so, since i don't have cable anymore and when i was watching it on cartoon network a long time ago they changed the timing of the show so i thought that they took it off air and when i found out they had actually did it early in the morning i missed alot of it. well i should really shut up about it..... ok this week i have watched alot of anime, been mapling(anyone who plays maple story be sure to give me your screen name so we can be friend ~.^), went to get my permit which i couldn't get cause my eyes were too bad....(i had an appoint for the eye doctor the next day), went to get a new prescriptions, choose new glasses, and just been hanging around the house(mainly on the computer) so that's my life ^.^ what about you guys what do you do???? and hows life???
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