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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

hiya! i havent been on here very much....been too busy with school and what not.....man....school is soooo tiring...i have no energy to do anything anymore.....i come home do hw whatch a few min of TV then go to bed...but my hw takes forever most of the time.....the cool thing is that i have a field trip coming up soon....finally....seeing as all of the school's field trips were cancelled because all our money went into the war (which is a good thing....I'm pro-war...well this war...Support the troops...A.K.A. my parents ^_^) but anyways....the field trip is goign to WWII battle sites and everyhting which not everyone gets to see cuz they dont live on okinawa like we do....so at least i get to see something interesting eh? Also i recently got some of my art selected to be in the Sun book....which is a collection of the best art in the pacific so i was pretty happy...well this is gettin long and my hands hurt (i bruised one of them somehow lol) so i hope i post again soon ^_^
-Mariah aka angelwolfire
Aishiteru (means i love you in japanese)

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