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Thursday, August 17, 2006

hey.....my brother finally got here! but now things are boring again...about a week until school...blah!.....and i still have a book report to do for honors!! oh well it should be easy heh heh ^_^;;; well i drew a pretty awesome pic lol....im trying to resize it so i can put it up on here....but yeah....ive been having a naruto marathon with my lil sister and my mom....its all in japanese but there are subtitles....we are on episode....hmm 150?? 200? idk i havent counted lol......my mom thinks im wierd cuz i like kiba and akamaru more than naruto -___- .....im tellin ya there are some shockers in that show....especially in the japanese ones.....oh and if n e one watched them in english.....the voices SUCK!!! they totally destroy the character's personalities!!! oh and do they really play naruto on toonami back in the states??? i was told that and i just about exploded....we dont get toonami or adult swim here in japan and thats where i got all my anime from....now i have to get my mom interested in the show by barrowing my neighbor boy's DVD's and watching them with her so she will buy it for me haha.....well this is getting long so im gonna go hehe.....bye bye

P.S : look for Fatty Patty and Fatty Patty 2 on youtube.com ......u will get a glimpse of my house and my brother as a fat chick!!! hahaha

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

hiya.....my brothers gonna be here in a few days....im pretty excited...ill finally have some one to hang out with this summer seeing as all my friends went back to the states for vacation....in other news....i found out whats causing my bald spot....i actually have a disease called alopecia areata....yeah...my whiteblood cells are attacking my hair growthtissue for no apparent reason....feh...oh well at least thats the only effect of the disease ya know...there is a treatment for it.....20-30 cortisone injections on each spot every month....i dont care as long as my hair comes back....my hair is almost down tothe back of my knees!!! i dont want to loose it all!!! well guess ill be back another day.....

P.S. new art.......and if n e one has a really good program that colors pictures really well could you tell me what it is so that i can get it please??? thanks


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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

   i love japan ^_^
man my mom and my sister both just got new cars and each only cost about 4000 dollars....my moms came with a TV/DVD/Mini disc/CD player as well as a GPS system and all that good stuff...my sisters came with a brand new cd player and she pimped it out with hello kitty everything haha!!! they are so smooth and shiny and pretty new too...like 1997 or 2000 or something idk lol.....but in a year my sisters car is gonna be mine and my brothers!! we have to share cuz we are the same age heh heh...sux that i dont get a car of my own but we are limited to only three cars........oh by the way if anyone ever comes to okinawa DO NOT BUY THE FINAL FANTASY JUICE!!!! it has a drug in it called brawn or somethin like that....me and my sister accidentally drank it without knowing..Oops!!!! lol.......well im off to go find something to do okie dokie...talk to you all later ^_^

P.S. new art up ^_^

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Monday, July 10, 2006

bored lol
i am very very bored.....listening to beast of blood by malice mizer.......need something to do......i have no inspiration t odraw let alone ideas....got n e for me?? well im gonna go find something to do i guess so yeah...sorry this is so short and boring but hey...i got nothing to say lol.....by the way i put up some new art so go check it out when u can k ^_^
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Sunday, July 9, 2006

   new art up
hiya guys...i finally put some new drawings/colorings up lol....a few are just some colored versions of some pretty old ones haha....the others are pretty much doodles ^_^....well hope you can get to em and hope you like em if you can
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Thursday, July 6, 2006

bored....bored...bored...lol.......been drawing alot but im too lazy to go downstairs to scan them....im a lazy bum!!!! but im a cool lazy bum!!! haha.....i need something to do.....any suggestions?
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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

my hair is growing back already....YAY haha......ummmm.....only about a week til my brother gets here......i was sorta mad though cuz my stepdad was gonna let me go with him but my mom said no.....i was so mad i wanted to go back to the states just for a few days!!!! i miss Walmart so much!!!! and i would be able to see my cats and my old friends....and my grandma!!!! but NOOOOOOO i cant go.......ughhh i was so mad....but oh well....cant change it....
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

wooh hoo lol
hiya all who read this lol......man its been awhile...i remember the days when i was on here 27/7 ya know.....well its been awhile since i put any new art on here....all that old stuff....haha...ive gotten way better since my last update i guess....ill probably put some new art and stuff up some time soon.....but n e ways....im pretty happy cuz my brother is coming to live with us..YAY!!!! haha....im also kinda mad because i have developed a bald spot on my head for no reason i or the doctor could come up with.....so i have to brush my scalp and i have this spray that is actually steroids lol....so thats pretty weird lol.....but i had to have my blood taken and the needle was in there for like 2 minutes because it was a small needle and the lady had to take two vials of my blood so they can check for a cause in my blood.....im just hoping i dont got n e major diseases ya know....well thats basically whats going on with me....how bout you guys?
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

hiya to you all once more haha that was fun t osay lol.....well we just got on spring break over here...ummmm.....ive been doin alot of yard work and playing with my lil sister and her friends....yeah....OH YEEEEAAAAHHH!!! i forgot for a second that i finally got my kingdom hearts 2 game yesterday.....but im waiting to play it until i finish the first one which i got only about a month ago and i have only played for like 2 days.....it sucks cuz i finally got it after so long (it was never availiable before) and i never have time to play it.....well im really tired right now so see yall ^_^

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

   I'm BAAACK!!!!
o my goodnesss!!! I'm here again!!!! since I started using myspace i have contacted so many of my friends!!!! but n e ways this site rules them all because it is all about the anime!!!! nothin much is goin on here....i have a job at a craft store now...the money goes towards college......ummmmmm....i have a lover named luis....another lover named nathan and another lover named Ismael (ish for short) ummmmmmm lets see......my grades have been dropping so im pretty upset.......and i have this friggin awesome song!!! here ill show you!!! oh and does my BG show up on n e other computers??

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