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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

I'M BACK!! Did any of you miss me? I forgot about updating myotaku completely (although I did upload a few more wallpapers) since I was...drawing my manga? Its like a pattern. Get home from school, draw, write, sleep, wake up and just remember that I had homework. I'm getting to the point where i'm forgetting to eat. haha. And yet, I never finish any of the stories I start...Maybe I should stick to doujinishi (fan manga) or something...or maybe just plain writing, like fanfiction.

Anyways...I'm beginning to download all these manga scanlations online so I'm getting the later chapters of Naruto, Fruits Basket, Nana and all these other ones FOR FREE! It's sooo awesome! I love you scanlation groups! They're up volume 35 or something on Naruto in Japan and America's at like what, volume 9? My computer is my life. *sighs happily*

I can speak japanese now! =) I'm soooo happy! Enough to get by anyways so i finished my goal for last year! ...now i must change it...agh...too much work.

Now...I must get around to each and everyone of your guys' sites. I feel refreshed! I haven't been on here for a looooooong while! AND THANKS TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE THAT VISITED MY SITE! I HAVE PASSED 1000 HITS! You all rule!

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