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Monday, September 5, 2005

I haven't updated in FOREVER! gosh...school work and all me caught up! Can you believe that we have to take honors exams this month for high school? its WAY too early to be thinking about high school! we just started school! they administrators should think more about enjoying childhood than thinking all the time about the future. 8th grade is driving me insane but at least i think i have an A in all my classes right now. I THINK. But i'm not totally sure. I HOPE i do.

Bishi-chan is going to let me borrow her Naruto DVDs. She got them in China so they're in either Japanese or Chinese with NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES! noo....but at least i'll understand the chinese but i wann hear the japanese so maybe i'll watch it two times? it'd be really lame the second time though unless Naruto is as good as Fruits Basket. Which i'm sure it is. I watched the first few episodes at her house.

anyways, i got a bf. but we're not really going out so ... yea but i like him and he likes me so yea....and he likes anime too. he's actually on this site....but he's like cosplaying someone so its not really him....ok yea. i'm tired. *YAWN*

Have a good Monday! LABOR DAY! NO SCHOOL! YES! ^^

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Friday, August 5, 2005

tomorrow, i think i'm gonna hang out with my friends for half the day at the mall at and at ellen's house. we wanna make up for all the time we lost during summer vacation since everyone was gone. i think i'm going to get some more silver bracelets. i've had an obsession with silver bracelets for a while now and i need more! ^^ they make such a pretty sound when they clang together. it reminds me of bells or chimes.

mic-kun is so sweet! ( i talk about him too much...ahaha...^^; i'm sorry ) i changed my aim icon to a sakura one since she's my favorite character in naruto and it was the one where she's trying to dodge all the hearts. and he told me to wait a sec while he changed his. and he changed his to the one where rock lee is out hearts at sakura. i ed up so hard. then he told me that those two icons came from the same scene in the naruto anime and i was like "???" cuz i've never seen the anime.

okay, now that i have stopped raving about him, its time that i work more on my fanfic! to read it, click on the my website link on the bar on the left.

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Friday, July 29, 2005

i got grounded again so i snuck on to type this since my mom is taking an afternoon nap...the heat here gets to everyone.

Kyo: that's the third time this summer. u r such an idiot.

neways, i came back and realized that Cia-chan wasn't on my friends list anymore! i think she deleted her account or something! WAHH! she was so nice...but that's not such a good reason to get depressed now is it?

Kyo: .... hm... wasn't she the one who created the Ritsu fan club?

yea and now i hafta find someone else who has that club....pffffffft. SCHOOL IS STARTING SOON! YAY! i don't know why but i'm really happy. i think its becuz i get to c all my friends again! and becuz i've been BORED all summer. i'm starting EIGHTH grade this year... but a little twelve year old still nonetheless. everyone else will be 14 this year and i'll just be turning the corner into my teens. can't say i'm all that excited tho about turning 13 in December. hm...how old r all u turning this year?

i'm glad u guys like my blog! i like it too! ^^ hm...i'll probably come back on monday so all the ppl i promised to make blogs for, i'll email them to u then.


It is 107 degrees OUTSIDE! but its like 90 degrees inside since my mom refuses to turn on the A il 8... >.<


Okay okay! let's go then. have a great day everyone! and keep cool!

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Monday, July 25, 2005

I got the new theme up! like it? i changed my mind about the Saiyuki thing so its D.N.Angel now. DAISUKE'S SO CUTE! ^^ I still need to change the music though. It doesn't seem to match Daisuke very well...i think i'll change it in a couple minutes so it might not be the same time by the time you are reading this.

I gOt 100 GuEsTbOoK eNtRiEs ToDaY! YaY!!! ^^

i usually writing that way but its special so i wrote it that way. thanks to everyone who signed! i've been slacking on getting around to everyone's sites lately since my family keeps fighting and yelling everyday and i hafta break it up sometimes. i'm sorry. i'll try to comment on all your sites tomorrow! i'll try so hard that i'll cough up ! Okay? so please don't be mad at me! thank you.

i redid my brother's site cuz he's so hopeless. he hasn't updated in months so when he remembered that he actually had a site, he told me to redo it and update sometimes for him. i couldn't seem to get his bg to stay in place though...i'll figure it out tomorrow. Visit his site at :

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ooh! Its raining outside now! It was pouring but now its just drizzling and the thunder is really loud and the lightning is flashing so brightly i think i'm gonna go blind! NOOO!

Kyo: Get a grip on yourself. I just get home and you're already half .

Huh? OMG! KYO-KUN IS BACK! I LOVE YOU! *glomp* I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! IT WAS WAY TOO QUIET WITHOUT YOU! AND I WAS SO BORED! and Yuki-kun says that you should've stayed where you went but for once i disagree with him!

Kyo: Moron.

You're so mean! I don't like you anymore. everyone! guess who's gonna be on my new site background!?

Kyo: Someone from furuba.

Nope! Its Goku from Saiyuki! He's so adorable and ... such a pig but that's whats cute about him. Neways, i'm gonna have the whole site changed by sunday or at least i hope! i'm so excited! i wonder how its gonna turn out! ^^

Kyo: Thank god you are replacing Yuki with Goku.

No i'm not. Goku's second, Yuki's still first! HAHAHAHAHA! school's gonna start in couple weeks. >.< i dread that....DIE DIE DIE! i'm so sad....i can't get on the computer as often anymore.

Kyo: NO MORE DRAMA ACT! SAYONARA EVERYONE! HAVE A GREAT SATURDAY!! (its saturday right? i lost track of the days)

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Friday, July 22, 2005

hm...i don't think many people will comment on this one since its already 3 in the afternoon over where i live so i'll just type a few notes.

- i posted up my new fanart, visit it by clicking here
- i didn't get to everyone's sites today so please forgive me.
- i'm going to change my whole layout again, this time into a happy thing and hope that the depressed ppl will feel the least bit happy when they visit my site. ^^

ok, dat's all! l8erz everyone! have a good day!

here's a quiz result! ^^

Which Saiyuki character would sleep with you?

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hey everyone! I'm sorry i haven't updated in three days. i got grounded for leaving the door open and letting all the air conditioning out and all the evil criminal people a chance to come in. i'm so stupid.

i've started to check everyone's sites but i'm sorry if i didn't get to your site! i'm currently on the usernames that begin with D. i finished all the letters before so u should see a comment on ur site. um...what else?

i have noticed that a lot of ppl that used to be really happy, like Cia-chan and dream_wings, are now completely depressed and down in the dumps. i don't know why! i wanna help but i don't know how! i feel guilty that i'm the complete opposite. i used to be sorta dark and depressed but now i'm all happy and hyper all the time.

hm...a lot of ppl seem to like darker and more black backgrounds for my site...i'm debating to whether redo my site completely again into a happier place or redo it and still keep it dark...

oh yes! another thing. for all those ppl who don't kno html really well or are too lazy to do things, i'd be happy to make you ppl update blogs with the picture background and stuff.

i'm GOING to post up a fanart probably tomorrow so don't go check it now. its something i drew for an art contest and i'm submitting it on saturday or sunday so i'd thought i'd let you guys enjoy it. i spent three weeks working on it day and night (maybe not 24/7 but i worked hard on it!). i had three months to work on it but i forgot about it so i had to procrastinate but i think its still pretty good.

ok, i'll shut up now. i'm taking up so much time! Hope everyone has a good day! Bai Bai!

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Its been a while since i've updated. haha! guess i lost track of the time. well...that's just me for you. hope no one missed me too much (as if anyone would miss me). oh! i got Furuba volume 10 yesterday! its so good! i realized how much yuki loves tohru but he shall never get her since kyo is destined to be with her, in my opinion. and i realized how much the relationship between hiro and kisa is like a miniature version of kyo and tohru. its so cute!

Neways, Kyo went on a vacation for today becuz he didn't want to see my face today so he won't be here!! so he won't be back until the next time i update. heheh! gave him a chance to relax for day! I did a lot of things while i wasn't updating! I got interesting in the mangas: Planet Ladder, Kare Kano, Warcraft: the "something i don't remember" trilogy, Alichino, and that's all. They were all pretty good!

My real opinion (if anyone wants it)
1. Planet Ladder: Its cute and the main character is a bit like tohru honda, but something about how how everything seems so eerie, u get confused as the main character is.
2. Kare Kano: the moment i finished reading the 7th book (no, i don't go in order, this was the lowest volume they had at the library), i fell in love with the series. its cute how the characters treat each other. some things just don't work out the way they're supposed to, i guess!
3. Warcraft: i hope this doesn't offend anyone, but it was pretty boring in my opinion. i flipped through a couple pages and gave up on it and decided that it was a good idea that my mom didn't want to buy it for me. the only part i really liked was when the got the dragon.
4. Alichino: this one was so sad! its like everyone dies and everyone that lives is saved by someone they don't care for. and the savior doesn't really care for them either. It nearly made me cry but i sucked it up and didn't cry in the bookstore. btw, he's saying thankgod!

And yesterday, we rented a movie called "indigo". it was about this one named Grace whose parents were thrown in jail during a bust but her dad ran away before the cops came so they never caught him. And her grandfather is too protective of her mother and is very impatient and somewhat uncaring. So grace gets sent to a foster home. then suddenly her mother calls her grandfather from jail and asks him to basically kidnap grace from the foster home. u see, when he's there, grace already knew he was coming to get her so she'd already packed her things. slowly its revealed that she's psychic and is one of the indigo children. so her and her grandfather travel to one of his friend's cabin homes to escape from her father who's on the loose and wants the $50000 that disappeared in the bust. but they find that her mother's brother, stewart, has come to the cabin home to find the money too since he was the unknown part of the deal. then, in the end, grace tells them who has the money and its someone most unexplainable has the money. its like a documentary or something, its not in theatres but its really good so if you get a chance to watch it, please do!

I have talked so much! i'm sorry! i keep doing stupid things like that! i hope i didn't take up too much of your time!

Have a great day!

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Did u kno u can pass with no subject on ur posts? Ooh. I just figured that out. i can't think of subjects so most of the time, that part won't be filled.

Kyo: It wouldn't matter. We wouldn't kno what ur talking about anyways.

That's not nice... OMG! I kno this is kind of lame but I LOVE THOSE ANIKAOS! Ur probably saying ani-what? So I’ll explain for those who don’t kno. Ani means animation and kao means face so these are animated faces. Aren’t they adorable?

Kyo: no, they aren’t.
Aww...see? even Kyo-kun loves them. That cold hearted man loves the kaoani that reminds him of Tohru-chan! Dat’s sho sweet.
Kyo: Technically anyone is smarter than u is really smart. And that’s a lot of people.

Kyo-kun not included of course.
Kyo: U r so self-centered.

I’m sorry I get overly happy when I talk about him! I wuvs him! Neways, onto the important stuff. I made a new wallpaper! Its another sasuke-kun wallpaper! I submitted it last night and its already got nearly 100 downloads! Yay! It's a hit! Here’s da link if u wanna go c it!

And no, I don’t like sasuke-kun. He’s just easier to cut out than kakashi.

Kyo: so u make wallpapers of this sasuke dude becuz he’s EASIER TO CUT OUT?

Not only that. He’s pretty too (my meaning of pretty) Besides I like Naruto! Its awesome and its funny too. There’s a love pentagon thing going on with sasuke, sakura, rock lee, naruto, and hinata. Well...almost. neways, my point is that IT ROCKS! I can’t wait for the 7th volume of the manga to come out in August! Furuba vol 11 is coming out around the same time so I’m going to get it with that, I hope at least. I’m going to get Furuba vol 10 in a few days! It already came out btw, I think.

Kyo: Now before u start to bore everyone, Ja ne everyone and good day to you. *drags me off*

(oh, i looked back on my post and realized that its very pathetic. and that most of the kaoanis don't show up! >.< oh well. i'll try again tomorrow, ciao!)

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Saturday, July 9, 2005


Yay! I have come home from Colorado! home sweet home! my joints keep ing since i sat in a car for 12 hours, sleeping and eating and listening to my music.

Kyo: u slept most of the time.

yup! did u slipknot and linkin park make me fall asleep? its really weird. i was listening to my slipknot CD and they were screaming really really loud the whole time and i dozed off. same with my linkin park CD. my head kept hitting the window when i dozed off so i kept waking up. the weird thing is that my greenday CD kept me awake.

Kyo: rock music is supposed to keep you awake stupid.

Yea i kno that. My brother was looking at me like this the whole time then laughing his head off. then i'd punch him and he'd shut up.

Kyo: He probably already shut up when you turned your face around.

STUPID CAT. DIE! *punches him through the wall* neways, we went to mcdonalds and got an ice cream cone. i started to draw smiley faces on mine. it was pretty funny until my cone ed and the ice cream dripped down my hand. XD but it was good! cold...

Yuki: Doesn't he ever get tired of being punched through the wall?

Kyo? Nope. its his favorite hobby! i think. oooh! guess what? {wait i shouldn't ask that, no one will answer me right away} my aunt and uncle gave me $100 for no apparent reason before we left. they were like here is a gift for u and handed me a hundred dollar bill. O.O i was so surprised i yelled "OH MY F***ING GOD!!!" from the car when i opened it. twice.

Yuki: Weren't u looking for money to spend at that Air Force Base souvenir shop?

Yea, which was pretty ironic. i need money, i don't get it. we leave and get some and can't spend it until i go somewhere. EEK! *mom slams ruler down on table*


ok! ok! i will! i will! *whines like shigure* mom is being scary! that's my cue to go! oh i shall gamble for few moments to tell you that i seem to be getting more comments with the new blog box! yay!

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