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Thursday, January 4, 2007

   Life...and just about everything else that has been going on :)
Life, well...it has been going okay for the most part. I cashed 3 of my checks 1 or so ago and ended up with $1145 and 15 cents :) I haven't used my money so it kinda sucks. I want to get a Zune MP4 because it seems like the best deal out there for that kind of electronic. I have searched online, in the stores and some public opinion from my co-workers. I haven't gotten the chance to get on here because of all the sudden changes and influences in my life. I think I have used about 1k of my money going out and buying things. You ask what? Well, it has mostly been on fast food (*no I didn't get fat...*), video games, swords, school supplies, some gas, more fast food, supplies for my 7 pets, accesories for me, jewelry, the lunch at college--RIP OFF--but when hunger strikes...it never forgives..and some other crap I don't even remember...oh yeah and some clothing. I think I spent $100 on my sis' 15th birthday. For you hispanics in the US, you know that it is difficult, not to mention...you start to loose your hispanic heritage because you are away from the things that you cherish the most like a family full of cousins that you haven't even met. Turning into an ant or uncle without even knowing until you hear that someone is pregnant again. I wish I had my 15yr old birthday party. My lil sis ruined it for me by calling me names and insulting me. I hated her for that for the longest time but...now it doesn't matter because I will make it up on my own on my 18th birthday comming on January 26th. I still don't really know what I am going to do but I know I will spend it with one person... :) (*Sigh...*)I am really tired but for some reason I can't get off of the dang computer. Call me weird and all but I really don't know why I feel like that. I want to put some really kick ass game music from my current background, but all of it's for myspace or some other crap. Not to mention I'm kinda lazy seeing as I have an 8 hour shift at the college. I know that someone is going to come up with, "well as if-I work a ?hr shift wft are you talking about little girl?". To tell whoever you are...it's not only paper work it's labor too. I have to load printers when they are empty, walk for miles in a room that is 100 feet or so (*by walking miles is going back and forth-person to person*), and I have to put stickers on somewhat 100's of envelopes. You think that's not too much? It hurts your shoulders after a while of doing it because you have to keep your arms at a certain level so you can move fast to keep going and going. I have to put labels in a certain order because one of my bosses (*yeah I have more than one boss that I have to watch out for incase I mess up--hasn't happened but I know that it will*) prints around 300 transcripts but half of them are blank so I have to manually filter out the blank ones and then fold them to the correct college that it is going to be sent out to and then put them in. Then seal them shut, then officially seal them and finally send them out. 8hrs of this is not fun. I'm glad that I don't have school right now because I get this valueable time on the net. I haven't visited anyone on here (*sept for lordsesshoumaro and sesshoumaromistress<---sorry for messing up your names guys...*)for the longest time because of how tired I have been. My dad loves to kick me off the net at 9PM saying that I am tired and I need to take a shower. He is right but I don't like to listen to him. He ran over a cat the other month. Freaked me out real bad, I heard the poor thing get fucked over by the radiator on a Grand AM (*ammMM not A.M. :/ *)...and my dad just kept driving. I was late for school and I told him that the teacher doesn't shut the fuck up for at least 40mins in the beginning...but my dad just kept driving faster and faster. I hated my dad for a week...but I guess I'm over it. I just don't like animals getting hurt by humans but...sometimes I can't really help that. Someone taught me that in my U.S. History class (*High school Jr. yr, 4th period--don't reveal yourself, you know who you are :) *). My shoulder hurts of how much I have typed. Not to mention, I'm not so sure if some of you have read all of this junk. Tell me how far you got, it you leave a comment. Thanks for reading this you guys :) Take care everyone...
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