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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Im alive

Back to school

Welcome VV

Havin fun with loads of free time^^.
And also I have a new tablet ^^ .

New riddle/joke :

How can you break the unbreakable.

You just need to send the materials
to a high temperature,and them drop
it very fast ^^ .Many had the idea
to this one.

Itīs been ages I didnt post,maybe
itīs because I didnt feel like T.T.
Sorry I had a very hard semester ,at
the end I had to change my carrer.
Well itīs a long story but to make it
short one of my teachers hates me .
And since he is an evil person
(he haves fun making people suffer)
I decided I wanted to change carrer.

Well itīs gona be fine since all my
subjects count on this new one ^^ .
So the next semester it will be a new
start,and since I gave my best, I belive
god haves something good waiting for me.

Aside that things are good,cant submit
new art (school is closed now).But
dont worry,there will be great pictures
waiting for all to see.

Since I cant post art,the only way
to chat wit you all is posting ^^ .

Hope you all are doing great ^^.

Humm got some winner for hidden art:

Cutie (done)

(Gona submit them soon T.T )

New riddle :

Explain what are the north lights .

Oh before I go,there is a little surprise,
If you want to play a great game (no dl).


Try it and we talk ^^


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