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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Finals The Last Battle!!

Back to school

Welcome VV

Yeah I did somehow survive a very
hard nightmare week.But this is not
over since there is just 1 week
for school to finish.


New riddle/joke :

Any one knoew why they are called
wisdom teeth.

Maybe they got a degree at college ^^.


I had to endure 1 week of really
great pain.There was no sleep or
food for the first days.Thanks go
I went to a maxilofacial doctor
(yeah itīs not a dentist ).
This guy haves advanced equipment
to solve complicated teeth operations.

The good news is I feel my mouth
lighter with 50g of teeth out T.T.
Yeah it was very bad for a week but
Im finally ok .The doctor said my
teeth were as hard as titanium.
Yeah I have really big wisdom
teeth you would be surprised ^^.

My advice is guys if you can
go and take a radiography if
your wisdom teeth didnt came
out.Sometimes they come out
but in a 90 degre way .
So if you havent seen how they
are comming out or if you have
the space you better do.

If you dont have the space you
can see it by a radiography.
So if you have 18 it will be
a lot easyer to remove them
while they are not so big.
Dont wait till you have a
problem like me (better take
them out while they are small).

The diference can be a pain
or 2 days,or be in bed an
entire week like me.So ppl
go take a dental radiography
if you are not fully aware
of how your wisdom teeth
are growing.Thats a wise
advice but itīs up to all you
to follow it.

About the rest well I need to
study for my final so I prob
wont be on for a long long time
>< .I gona need some good luck pats
because itīs really gona be very hard.
I will have 5 exams in 2 days omg!!!

Humm got some winner for hidden art:


(Gona submit the soon T.T )

New riddle :

How can you break the unbreakable.


Curse :Good to see ya back curse ^^
Hamsta:Lol I look like hulk (Im green
with a big face ^^ )
Mewmew:Wow better got to a maxilofacial
doctor ^^ .Belive me they are the best.
Xaos:Dont worry bro,I visit you each
time I have a chance ^^.
Shane:I did play with the idea of
writing about it.But It will just
bring back bad memories.
Cutie:Well not particulary painless
but it was.......ok.
Iru:Well things went ok Im back :3
Miyavi: Thanks for the visit Miyavi
I did somehow survived ><.


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