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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Back to school

Welcome VV

Wow itīs been so long time I dont post so
I had to return and say Im alive ^^ .

Last riddle:

If you have 4 glaces of water and
you drink 2,how many you have left.


Since you dont drink the glasses
and just the water you still have 4.

Well exams were good and I passed them :3.
Still I think I will be on exams again
very soon (there is no stoping ^^ ).Art
has been doing great and I been commneting
all I can.

Seems many persons have been commenting a
lot more than me :3 .So yeah I droped to
place number 4 on the best commentors XD .
Lol how am I suppose to comment like I
used to and survive this semester.Well
Im close to the 5k but olso the other
2 girls that beated me.

For now I will have to work on school
but at christmas it shall be my
return .Ok some people alrady won
their hidden picture.

-Miyavi (post 4 times in a month)
-Magnus (A request of a D.G.M char)
yeah drawed by u ^^
-Cutie (Won)
-Chibi (make your 10000 comments^^)
-Hamster (draw a full chibi picture
of me chibi carmen chibi u and
krokun all chibis)
-Krokun (Lemme see ^^)
-Pleiades Rising (an art trade)
-Iruka (lol finish the picture)
-Anime Ganja (Do an no smoking
protest picu ^^)

- Iron will poster (Change your
posting format and make a different
post (hummm vant seen if you did ^^))
-Just me (return and draw somethin)

Oh also BTW I wrote a story for
Cosmic Sailor the other day.I
gave him my work I will do it
so I did ^^ .Hope I can add
ilustrations to it very soon.
If u wanna see it itīs on my

New riddle:
How do you say I dont undestand
you in the language of the natives
of australia.


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