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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Back to school

Welcome VV

I really had a long celebrated party
for my birthday.Thanks all for the
good wishes and all the gifts I
was very happy :3 .

Last riddle:

What is the last thing to start.


The end is the last thing to start.

I really got good and funny answers
like frogs bros car and miyavi
saying the slow runner ^^.

I must say I gave you clues about my
birthday but nothing that obvious :3.
I went to a japanish restaurant called
the samurai.


And we had load of food (I really liked
the shobu shobu :3 ).IF u want you can
ask miyavi how itīs done(I think it haves
many recipies).I really liked it because
itīs like a big soup that is so hot
that you can literaly cook meat there.
So you have a small plat with meat you
will cook on the boiling soup and at the
end you will eat the soup :3.

I had a 3 day celebration so it was
a reelly great awesome birthday :3.

I also got some gifts from Cutie,Karo,
Hamster,Chibi (sended me a pm).Thanks
for the ones that remembered :3.

I ust know a few birthdays because
Im terrible at birthdays ^^ .But
I know Cuties,Karo (hummm what Im gona
draw :3) ,Hamsters :3,chibi Caos,Steph
and miyavis.

Lol dont worry miyavi you already do
a lot on visiting me always even if you
dont post.And evil grin for Steph lol
probably she was busy ^^ .

Im so bad for bithdays that I almoust
forgot mine O_o .If it was not for the
party maybe I would forgot :3.

Anyway here is what you can do
to get your hidden arts on the
draft section.
(it depens the case ^^)

Sorry if I cant comment much
this 2 weeks I will be at
exams so bear with me.

-Miyavi (post 4 times in a month)
-Magnus (A request of a D.G.M char)
yeah drawed by u ^^
-Cutie (a little chat on the coffee
or on msn ^^)just tell me the day ^^
-Chibi (make your 10000 comments^^)
-Hamster (draw a full chibi picture
of me chibi carmen chibi u and
krokun all chibis)
-Krokun (have mercy on me because
I will take till the end of
te week to finish ur BD picu)
-Pleiades Rising (an art trade)
-Iruka (lol finish the picture)
-Anime Ganja (Do an no smoking
protest picu ^^)
-Teramaster (make 100 comments)
- Iron will poster (Change your
posting format and make a different
-Just me (ask me for help on the
dragon picu)

Whats new:

Atcivities for the vacations!:
(for me they are over)

-Search Dinner dash and play it
online XD.Its a great and funny
game :3.

-Visit people and challenge them to
do 100 comments in 1 week and you
give them a prise.Lol I lost the
last one I chalenged XD.
I lost 2 times T.T .

- Write a story in CosmicSaliloīs
worlds.Itīs different because u got
to use a list of words on the story.
Dragon give me more time!!!

-Get a figure of an anime char so you
can use it like model.

Special thanks:

Unfunny jester:
Wow I was very happy for the visit,
I be sure to go and visit u back.
Hummm whats a procastinator ^^

Wow good to see you again,I be
sure to visit you from time to time.

So the turk is back and be very welcomed,
I kinda got something back for making so
many comments.I already had 2 persons
come and drop like 10 comments on my art^^.
I didnt tell them to comment on my art
just to comment art,but seems I was the one
they picked ^^.

Wow I thought I was having this weird
alucination of you posting but it was
not.If u want to unluck your hiden pics
you will have to post more :3.

Thanks for all Ev I really had a fun
birthday.Exams are on the way so I
wont be able to draw fror weeks T.T.
Maybe we can chat so I hope u can
unlock those pics.

Iron will:
Yeah you got it right again Iron
will.Awesome work like usual I
hope you can lend me some of your
Ironwill power.

Lol how is the village doing froggie,
I really want to chat again but itīs
been a very long weekend.I hope
things go great and I can finish
the comic soon.Evil finger for you^^.

Village elder:
Village like usual forgetting things :3.
I really want to finish that comic and
send it to you,Im gona study all day and
see how things will come out.
Boomerang cane!

Loldidnt understood very well the T
thing but its awesome to have you

New riddle:

If you have 4 glaces of water and
you drink 2,how many you have left.


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