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Monday, April 10, 2006

Well...I'm back from the mall. I'm tired!! >< It wasn't that fun. I at least got to buy manga!! Buy 3, get 4th free!! ^^ They didn't have the volumes/series that I really wanted/needed so it took me a while to decide. I finaly got the Descendants of Darkness manga. I've been holding off cause I've seen the anime...and my family's a bit, uh, you know, about yaoi. ^^; But I got it since no one else was around!! I got Sakura Taisen vol.3, Super Gals vol.5, and Marmalade Boy vol.4. I wish they had the others I wanted...like MeruPuri vol.4 and the Wallflower vol.7!! *sigh* Oh well, I'll have to wait till next time.

My one friend got her ears pierced for the second time...so that took a while. She was with her mom, who only speaks Chinese, so she had to keep translating stuff. After that, we sorta lost her...most of the time was spent going from one crappy clothes store to the next hoping to find her, but we couldn't. ^^; She just disappeared! Well, that's enough social-ness for a while...I'm too exhausted now...

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