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Friday, April 7, 2006

YAY!! I have but 2 more classes in this wonderful half-day of school before spring break starts!!! >_< I can't wait! The only school-related thing I have to do is finish this stupid book. ^^; Luckily no other teachers gave stupidly huge projects to do!

My dear friend, dspR (aka Harvey), is leaving on his trip to Asia today!! He's so lucky...I hope he has a safe and fun trip. To Harvey (if you read this): I hope that our conversation yesterday/my email I sent you helped. Let's hope that you can have a good time on your trip!

I have art class next...I've been working on this one painting for the whole semester so far. ^^; That's been over 3 months...it's cause it's my first oil painting ever. I don't know what I'm doing so I need a lot of help. It's of a water lily sorta flower...nothing special. I can't draw anything but anime-style, flowers, and wolves. ^^;

Oh yeah, and about my Raine pic...I love tiny useless glasses! I think they're cool...not weird. ^^; I just imagined her wearing them, so yeah.

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