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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Workin' on my paper now...can't wait for it to be done! Spring break is almost here for me!! I have a half-day tomorrow and friday, and then I have my week off! I wish it were longer though...*sob*

Yes, my school is a heinous prison of hellish restrictions!! They even blocked livejournal at one point...but it's back now. That never mattered to me though cause I never had one. ^^; It's like my school doesn't want us to have ANY fun at all while in the building. But of course kids find ways around the blocking...all sorts of ways that end up becoming useless once the school finds out. So then more ways need to be found! They won't stop us! Speaking of having our privacy taken away...tomorrow we're having extended homeroom (an extra 40 minutes!!! >< ) to take a survey on bullying...uh, yeah. It will even include stuff on internet bullying, like saying bad stuff about a person on myspace...so there's talk about suspending kids for even having a myspace!!

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